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Model YZ103 Type Y & Z Purge & Pressurization Unit 

Model YZ103 is a Type Y or Z purge unit designed to protect electrical equipment in Class I hazardous locations. Type Z applications reduce the hazardous location rating inside the enclosure from Division 2/ Zone 2 to non hazardous. This allows general purpose equipment to operate in Division 2/ Zone 2 areas. Type Y applications reduce the hazardous location rating inside the enclosure from Division 1/ Zone 1 to Division 2/ Zone 2. This allows Division 2/ Zone 2 equipment to operate in Division 1/ Zone 1 areas. Model PV-3 spark arresting purge vent MUST be installed on the protected enclosure. This unit is designed to meet or exceed NEC – NFPA 70, NFPA 496, EN 50016 and IEC 60079-02 requirements.

Product Accessories

PV-3-T: Top Mount Spark Arresting Purge Vent
PV-3-S: Side Mount Spark Arresting Purge Vent
BCK-103: Model YZ103 Bulkhead Connection Kit
PSK-ED: Group C&D EXP Pressure Switch Kit
PSK-EB: Group B EXP Pressure Switch Kit
EWL-1: SS Enclosure Warning Label
YZ103 IOM: Installation & Operating Manual

4 Volumes @ 1 minute per 3.0 CF
5 Volumes @ 1 minute per 2.4 CF
Protective Gas Supply: Air or Inert Gas
Gas Supply Pressure: 80 – 125 PSI max
Unit Supply Connection: 3/8” Tube Fitting
Enclosure Supply: 3/8” Tube Fitting
Enclosure Reference: 1/4” Tube Fitting
Safe Enclosure Pressure: 0.5” W.C. / 55Kb Safe
Press. Flow Rate: * 0.1 – 3.5 SCFH per CF
Purge Enclosure Pressure: * 5” – 8” W.C.
Purge Press. Flow Rate: 12 SCFM @ 60 PSI
* Enclosure Integrity determines actual Flow Rate & Pressure

Ensure protected enclosure power is off, enclosure pressure control valve and purge control valve are closed, protective gas supply is on and alarm system is activated (if utilized). Test the purge vent, Model PV-3, for proper operation. Close and seal protected enclosure. Open the enclosure pressure control valve until a “safe” reading is shown on the enclosure pressure indicator. Next, open the purge control valve fully. Confirm a minimum 60 psi on purge injection pressure gauge. Allow unit to purge protected enclosure for the required time marked on the unit start up instructions, 5 minutes minimum. Upon completion of the required purge time, close the purge control valve fully. The enclosure pressure indicator will return to a “safe” reading. Confirm protected enclosure “safe” pressure is stable. Energize protected enclosure equipment. Loss of “safe” pressure requires immediate attention. Protected enclosure power should be de-energized if “safe” pressure cannot be restored within a reasonable amount of time.