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ABB Reliagear™ Switchboard

RG switchboards were designed with the flexibility to have both individually mounted main circuit breakers and group-mounted distribution panels, depending on your future needs and current budget. move and/or add Tmax XT and Record Plus molded case circuit breakers in the field with ease. With ratings up to 6000 A, RG switchboards are suitable for a variety of applications from light commercial to industrial. 

RG1 Switchboards

RG1 switchboards, with an integrated ReliaGear group-mounted distribution panel, were designed with the flexibility to move and/or add Tmax XT and Record Plus molded case circuit breakers in the field with ease.: With ratings up to 6000 A and rear-aligned sections, RG1 switchboards provide the option for quick installation against a wall with easy access from the front. 


  • Main lugs up to 6000 A 
  • Group-mounted main circuit breakers up to 1200 A 
  • Group-mounted feeder circuit breakers from 15 to 1200 A 
  • Suitable for distribution or service entrance 
  • NEMA type 1 or 3R enclosures 
  • Front accessible connections 
  • Rear-aligned sections; may be mounted against a wall 
  • Up to 100 kAIC interruption rating @ 480 V 

RG2 Switchboards

RG2 switchboards allow for a variety of individually mounted main circuit breakers and the same group-mounted distribution panels as RG1 switchboards. With ratings up to 6000 A and front or rear-aligned sections, RG2 switchboards are suitable for a variety of applications from light commercial to industrial. 

RG5 Switchboards

RG5 switchboards feature individually mounted main and/or feeder circuit breakers. With ratings up to 6000 A, RG5 switchboards are capable of handling the most demanding applications. 


  • Individually mounted power circuit breakers up to 6000 A, insulated case circuit breakers up to 4000 A, and molded case circuit breakers up to 1200 A 
  • Suitable for distribution or service entrance

NEMA Type 1 or 3R Enclosures

Applies to all ReliaGear switchboard types 

  • Front or rear accessible connections 
  • Rear or front and rear aligned sections 
  • Up to 100 kAIC interruption rating @ 480 V 

Seismic Compliance Certification

Applies to all ReliaGear switchboard types: 

  • UL 891 
  • Qualified to IEEE-693-2018 High Level 
  • Qualification performed in accordance to IBC- 2018/CBC-2019 and ICC-ES-AC156 
  • Class 1 (group mounted switchboard sections): Sds = 2.00g, Ip – 1.5, for z/h = 1 , Sds = 2.50g, Ip – 1.5, for z/h = 0 
  • Class 2 (Individually mounted switchboard sections): Sds = 1.56g, Ip – 1.5, for z/h = 1, Sds = 2.50g, Ip – 1.5, for z/h = 0 


  • Main lugs up to 6000 A 

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With ratings up to 6000 A and rear-aligned sections, RG1 switchboards provide the option for quick installation against a wall with easy access from the front.

Sizing & Dimensions

Switchboard Sizing Considerations

The following rules and arrangements must be considered when sizing and dimensioning ReliaGear™ SB switchboards. 

Switchboard width and depth will depend on the type, size, feed direction, and the combination of devices required. Section width and depth can be increased in 5-inch increments, up to 60 inches, to accommodate unusual arrangements, large number of conduits, or when an existing footprint needs to be matched. For ease of installation, a consistent section depth is recommended for the entire lineup. 

The 90-inch switchboard height is standard but can be reduced down to 78 inches. 

Group Mounted

The group mounted sections utilize a panelboard mount arrangement like that used in ReliaGear neXT distribution panelboards. Group mounted circuit breakers can be used as feeders or mains for switchboard sections of 1200 A and below. 

Group mounted circuit breakers are typically standard rated for up to 80 percent of the rated amperage for a period of three hours. 100 percent rated circuit breakers are available in Tmax XT4, XT5, and XT7 circuit breakers, with some limitations. 

In addition to circuit breakers, surge protection devices (SPD), metering and adaptive protection accessories are available for use in group mounted sections. 


Group mounted circuit breakers are sized by X space requirements where X = 1.385 inches in height. Smaller frame circuit breakers require less X spacing than larger circuit breakers.

What Can You Expect?

  • Same Day Shipping

  • 24/7 Real-Time Emergency Support

  • A Global Supplying Network

  • 1-Year Guaranteed Warranty

Spike Electric – Industry Experts Of ABB Reliagear™ Switchboards

Spike Electric takes pride in carrying a vast and exclusive collection of ABB Switchboards. We have a unique collection of switchboards from industry-leading manufacturers like Cutler-Hammer, Federal Pacific, Schneider Electric, Square D, etc. Also, our switchboards is available in a variety of ratings. Walk into Spike Electric and see for yourself.

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An Exclusive Collection Of ABB Reliagear™ Switchboards With All Advanced Features 

We provide switchboards that will give you more. More efficient protection, more organized distribution, and hassle-free functionality. By choosing Spike Electric, you will be able to own quality switchboard components and will be able to enhance the efficiency of the energy distribution system in your facility. As an additional bonus, you will reap the benefits of having a more cost-effective electrical distribution, reduced short circuits, and longevity.

Team Full Of Expertise And Experience

Spike Electric has an excellent team of technicians on board. The in-house team of professionals has skilled expertise and experience in this field. They are well-trained and will closely monitor the sourcing and delivery of switchboards for your industrial facility. Moreover, they will ensure that all your requirements and preferences are met promptly and perfectly. If you have a purpose in mind, then our experts will source a switchboards that will perfectly align with your purpose.

Emergency Assistance And 24×7 Technical Support

Our target is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, our work isn’t completed before the delivery of an ideal switchboard. We will be a consistent and a trusted partner. Spike Electric will keep on offering the assistance of its expert technicians whenever an issue arises concerning the functioning of the switchboard. Our experienced in-house team of professionals will be available to provide 24×7 and assistance as long as you are in ownership of the automation control panel.

For information on our custom switchboard services, request a quote today.

Why Choose Spike Electric?

In addition to our custom-design services, prompt delivery, easy installation, and real-time emergency support, we also have a list of other services at your disposal which make us the ideal destination for all ABB Reliagear™ switchboard needs. Below are the additional services we offer.

Upgrade Or Retrofit 

Does your industrial or manufacturing facility have old and aged switchboard lying around? Well, you don’t have to dispose of them yet. While we keep stock of a wide range of quality and high-standard industrial equipment, we also buy back unwanted switchboards from various facilities and units. So, if you have unwanted switchboards lying around, do get in touch with our team of experts. Our technicians will have a look at your equipment, inspect the various components, and will suggest a solution. This process of ours is aimed to save money for you and to save the environment too.

Guaranteed Warranty

We believe in being an ever supporting partner. Hence, our service doesn’t end with design and delivery. We ensure that every switchboard that we deliver is of exclusive and superior quality. Our firm quality standards and principles have helped us to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients. Hence, we offer a 1-year replacement warranty for all the electric products and solutions that we deliver. You can collaborate with Spike Electric with complete confidence because we deliver not just products, but reliability and performance too.

Our Range Of Products

We host a wide range of industrial equipment that will cater to all your specifications and needs. We have outlined the three categories of equipment that we host.


Our expert staff and technicians will always be able to deliver according to your individual preferences. We have a broad network of suppliers, which enable us to deliver several products and solutions. Tell us what your need and we will source it for you.


Yes. We provide reconditioned switchboards as well. We believe in delivering quality products and solutions that have reliability and longevity. Hence, our reconditioned switchboards and other equipment are thoroughly inspected and will offer services that are as good as new equipment. Also, our reconditioned equipment is affordable, because while quality is high, cost needn’t be.


With our large on-hand inventory of contactors, circuit breakers, relays, PLC, and other control products, we can help you upgrade the functionality of your control panel effectively. Replacing the old with the newsiest technology doesn’t always mean you have to completely tear out your existing panel along with the wire that has already been pulled. We can retrofit and engineer a new back panel for you with all of your components pre-wired. We will supply you with a full 3D CAD layout, a BOM of suggested upgraded components, along with wiring schematics showing you exactly how the upgrade will look. We will work with your contractor on technical questions to help ensure the old is taken out and the new replaced properly.

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