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Generator Control Panels

Generator Control Panels by Spike Electric


All You Need To Know About Generator Control Panels

What is the fundamental purpose of a generator control panel in an industrial facility? To state simply, a generator control panel is used to automatically start and stop a generator’s motor. This control panel employs an automatic transfer switch which engages and disengages the starter. This automatic transfer switch also tells the generator when it needs to run. So, their basic purpose is to monitor the functioning of the motor in a generator. While doing so, they use a series of switches and sensors, which ensure that the generator does not go overboard in heat and does not speed up or slow down at the wrong times.

A generator control panel offers the highest degrees of safety to generators. These control panels protect, monitor, and automate your generators and also allow the safe control of generators, even remotely. Numerous factors may cause overheating of generators like fatigue, weather conditions, aged components, and wear and tear of parts. If such overheating goes unnoticed, there may be some serious malfunctions that might affect the safety of the plant. Hence, a generator control panel provides maximum safety to the functioning of generators. Advanced generator control panels also offer to monitor additional features of generators like wattage, voltage, amperage, frequency, etc.

A generator control panel offers the highest degrees of safety to generators. These control panels protect, monitor, and automate your generators and also allow the safe control of generators, even remotely.

Some Notable Features Of Generator Control Panels

Some generator control panels having remote functionality features, whereas others can be automated or handled manually. How do automated or remote generator control panels function? These type of generator control panels utilize sensors which help them to detect changes in temperature or other parameters and engage immediately. Another advantage of having a generator control panel is that when you integrate a transfer switch with it, it will ensure a continuous flow of electricity even during instances of a power outage. How exactly do generator control panels function? Consider the following.

Any piece of industrial equipment is prone to overheating, slowing down, speeding up, changes in performance due to a lot of factors. In the case of generators, such varying changes consist of an electrical signal. The intelligent processing of these electric signals in the case of generators can help us to control and monitor the performance of the machine. That’s exactly where a generator control panel comes into the picture. Like mentioned already, generator control panels come with sensors that can detect changes in several parameters like heat and speed and generate signals. Advanced and modern generators have been designed to detect changes in a variety of parameters.

How does the transfer switch in a generator control panels function? An automatic transfer switch or ATS ensures the continuity of electrical power. When an ATS detects a power outage due to the local grid failure, it immediately signals the control panel to switch on the generator. The generator control panel starts the generator by using an automatic starter. After the generator reaches optimum speed, the starter gets disengaged, the ATS switches to the generator power, and you are back to business. Every industrial facility needs this system in place to ensure mission-critical continuity.

Generator control panels have a wide range of applications and are used across several sectors. Every facility or plant requires back up or emergency power, and hence they are implemented wherever possible. Depending upon the power and electric flow in your industrial facility, you can choose an ideal generator control panel for yourself. Our team at Spike Electric will be happy to assist you to select the best choice to fit your needs.


What Can You Expect?

  • Same Day Shipping
  • 24/7 Real-Time Emergency Support
  • A Global Supplying Network
  • 1-Year Guaranteed Warranty

Meet The Experts Of Generator Control Panels

Be it remote, automatic, or manual, Spike Electric will build the perfect control panel for you. We take pride in the exclusive collection of control panels in our panel shop. All our products are certified by the UL 508A regulation, are completely efficient, and are of the highest quality.

We will design the panel for you, build them, and deliver them to your doorstep. They will be pre-assembled and installation-ready. The components we use for the control panels we provide are sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Experience the best designing and delivery of generator control panels with Spike Electric.


Collaborate With Spike Electric And Experience The Best You

1. Design, Development And Delivery By Industry Experts

We believe in delivering the best and perfect control panels. Also, we strive to meet all the specifications and preferences of our clients- including the minute details. Our experienced team of technicians will design and build generator control panels that will perfectly blend with every specification of yours. We know that you want generator control panels of the utmost quality. Hence, whatever may be your specification or requirement, we will craft several designs and choose the best among them for you. At Spike Electric, the technicians have prolonged experience and expertise and will monitor every level of design, development, and delivery.

2. UL-508A Approved Generator Control Panels In Compliance With Recognized Regulations

One of the most important features of a generator control panel is the safety that it offers. Hence, it must be certified by widely accepted official regulations. All our control panels are recognized and certified by the UL 508A regulation. This certification ensures high-quality performance and superior functionality and efficiency in all control panels designed and developed by us. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the range of quality while getting your generator control panel designed and built by us.

3. Real-Time Technical Assistance And Emergency Support

Unlike many dealers and suppliers who believe that their work is completed after a certain project, we will continue to be a trusted and reliable partner. Spike Electric believes in long-term collaborations and wants to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, our work isn’t over with designing, developing, and building an ideal generator control panel for your facility. We go beyond that. Our expert team of technicians will be available 24×7 to provide real-time support and technical assistance as long as you possess the generator control panel.

For information on our custom generator control panel services, request a quote today.

Why Choose Spike Electric?

In addition to our custom-design services, prompt delivery, easy installation, and real-time emergency support, we also have a list of other services at your disposal which make us the ideal destination for all industrial generator control panel needs. Below are the additional services we offer.

Upgrade Or Retrofit

Does your industrial or manufacturing facility have old and aged generator control panels lying around? Well, you don’t have to dispose of them yet. While we keep stock of a wide range of quality and high-standard industrial equipment, we also buy back unwanted equipment from various facilities and units. So, if you have some unwanted generator control panels lying around, do get in touch with our team of experts. Our technicians will have a look at your equipment, inspect the various components, and will suggest a solution. This process of ours is aimed to save money for you and to save the environment too.

Guaranteed Warranty

We believe in being an ever-supporting partner. Hence, our service doesn’t end with design and delivery. We ensure that every industrial generator control panel that we deliver is of exclusive and superior quality. Our firm quality standards and principles have helped us to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients. Hence, we offer a 1-year replacement warranty for all the electric products and solutions that we deliver. You can collaborate with Spike Electric with complete confidence because we deliver not just products, but reliability and performance too.

Our Range Of Products

We host a wide range of industrial equipment that will cater to all your specifications and needs. We have outlined the three categories of equipment that we host.

Our expert staff and technicians will always be able to deliver according to your individual preferences. We have a broad network of suppliers, which enable us to deliver several products and solutions. Tell us what your need and we will source it for you.

Yes. We provide reconditioned generator control panels as well. We believe in delivering quality products and solutions that have reliability and longevity. Hence, they are thoroughly inspected and will offer services that are as good as new equipment. Also, our reconditioned equipment is affordable, because while quality is high, cost needn’t be.

Our large on hand inventory of contactors, circuit breakers, relays, PLC, and other control products we can help you upgrade the functionality of your control panel effectively.  Replacing the old with the newsiest technology doesn’t always mean you have to completely tear out your existing panel along with the wire that has already been pulled. We can retrofit and engineer a new back panel for you with all of your components pre wired. We will supply you with a full 3D CAD lay out, a BOM of suggested upgraded components, along with wiring schematics showing you exactly how the upgrade will look. We will work with your contractor in technical questions to help ensure the old is taken out and the new replaced properly.

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