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Electric Burnout Support

firemen putting out fire electric burnout

Spike Electric Controls can assist you with an electric burnout.

What Is An Electric Burnout?

When the voltage in an electrical power supply system experiences a fault causing a fire or explosion, it is called an electrical burnout. Electrical burnouts are due to unintentional and spontaneous circumstances.

Why does the voltage in the power supply system experience an over current? A disturbance in the electric grid or a deliberate reduction to reduce the load to prevent a power outage are commons causes of electrical burnout. Whatever the reason, an electric burnout can profoundly affect the stability of a power system.

Our team of professionals has excellent expertise in the electric field and will suggest appropriate solutions to prevent burnouts in your industrial facility.

Effects Of An Electric Burnout

  1. While it is true that an electric burnout on one piece of equipment can save a down stream piece of electrical equipment or apparatus from damage due to a power load, it may at the same time damage other nearby devices.
  2. Commercial property or Industrial Power Houses can be damaged due to fire.
  3. When the voltage increases, the heat output and the power consumption will also increase because the heat output of any resistance is directly proportional or equal to the actual power consumption.
  4. Resistance devices can bear a certain level of heat output. The device will not get damaged due to the increase in voltage at that time. But, an increase in voltage past a specific limit may lead to extensive damage of the inner apparatus, leading to burnout.
  5. Consider this fact. Any device’s power consumption is directly proportional to the square of the voltage applied to that device. This implies that a slight reduction in the applied voltage may cause a significant heat output loss.
  6. In cases of severe burnouts, the voltage drop is more than the drop-out limit. Hence, there will be a reduction in the output voltage. This may result in causing a ripple in the electricity output cause down stream devices to be damaged as well.
  7. Also, consider the case of electric motors that are connected. A voltage drop reduces the back EMF. As a result, the motor will be drawing in more current, which will significantly increase the heat production and damaging the motor.
  8. Electrical circuits that have an unregulated supply of diret current will continue to supply voltage of the electrical devices they are connected to. This can lead to a burnout.
  9. Induction motors also experience overheating and may get damaged entirely because low voltage leads to insufficient cooling.
  10. In cases of low voltage, when a high current is induced to boost the voltage, it often leads to more heat production in the power supply system resulting in total and complete malfunction.
  11. Electric systems with digital controls will start exhibiting unexpected behavior in the event of burnout. This may lead to other complicated malfunctions.

Prevention of Electric Burnout

We have an experienced team of professionals in place who will provide a variety of support to prevent electric burnouts in your facility. Consider our suggestions to prevent electrical burnout:

  • Installation of proper over current switch mechanisms- Over current mechanisms effectively prevent the possibility of electrical burnouts. We help in installing over current mechanisms like thermal magnetic breakers, contactors, thermostats, relay switches, and others, ensuring the safety of the power supply system in your facility.
  • Stabilizer Switches: Stabilizer switches are designed to boost and increase the output voltage. This will automatically compensate for the time when there is a flow of low voltage. In situations when the voltage is very low, the stabilizer switch automatically switches off the output. This will keep all the appliances in your facility free from the damage caused due to electrical burnouts.
  • Constant inspection- This is very important if you want to avoid electrical burnouts. You have to make sure that all your devices are performing well. You must keep constant checks of weather eliment exposed equipment, wires having cracked insulation, short circuits, and loose connections.

We will be ready 24/7 to offer all support and assistance in issues relating to electrical burnouts. Our team of professionals has excellent expertise in the electric field and will suggest appropriate solutions to prevent burnouts in your industrial facility. Also, they will help you determine the correct equipment that your facility needs explicitly to have a safe electrical atmosphere.


How Can We Assist with Your Burnout?

  • Immediate 24/7 onsite support
  • Between Spike Electric and our partners we can be onsite within hours working with your team on solutions to get you back up and running safely and quickly.
  • Quick ship motor control and power distribution equipment
  • Help coordinate or supply rental equipment to temporarily get you back up and running
  • Help with document control for insurance claims

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