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PowerClad 38kV Metal-Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear


ABB Value N Spike LogoSpike Electric Controls has partnered with ABB as a Value Add Partner, blending ABB’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in electrical solutions to elevate industry standards.*

Spike Electric’s PowerClad 38kV Metal-Clad MV Switchgear is a robust medium voltage solution. This switchgear is versatile. It works in environments from non-walk-in indoor setups to fully enclosed outdoor installations. It excels in durability and functionality. Its mechanical readiness is rated for 40kA. It has the option for CSA certification. This lets it meet rigorous safety and operational standards.

Product, Safety & Specifications

The PowerClad 38kV switchgear undergoes tough testing. The testing follows ASCE7-10 standards. Also, the product has many optional accessories. They enhance its adaptability and functionality. There are options for silver or tin plated bus. They have insulated bus with boots over joints. It has an 80kA momentary bus rating. There are options to build to Type 1 through Type 3 ratings depending on application.

Safety is key with the PowerClad 38kV. It has rear doors, vertical and rodent barriers, and bottom plates. These components ensure robust protection and operational integrity in diverse settings. Also, tamper-resistant hardware and extra switches are options that add security and functionality.

For technical specs, the switchgear has a 1200A to 3000A ampacity. It has a Basic Insulation Level (BIL) of 150kV. This improves its performance with advanced ABB vacuum circuit breaker tech. This technology is complemented by a breaker interrupter. It has a capacity up to 40kAIC. It also has breaker & draw-out PT integration in feeder sections. This setup makes operations efficient and reliable.

The PowerClad 38kV is not just a product. It is a full medium voltage distribution solution. It offers improved safety features, like enclosed mechanism housing and embedded pole technology. These features protect both people and equipment. Its design is innovative. It includes a roll-on-floor (ROF) caster for easy movement. It also has three-position remote motorized racking options. These options ensure flexibility in maintenance and operation.

Choose Switchgear from Spike Electric

Made by Spike Electric and called PowerClad 38kV Metal-Clad MV Switchgear. It offers safety, reliability, and high performance. It focuses on being easy to maintain and operate. It is a product engineered to meet current electrical needs. It will also adapt to future demands. This makes it a smart investment for any industrial or commercial electrical system.


American-Made Excellence: Our Commitment to the Build America Buy America Act

At Spike Electric, we take pride in making switchgear solutions. They are at the forefront of tech innovation. They are also deeply rooted in our commitment to American manufacturing excellence. The Build America Buy America Act aims to boost American industry. It does this by requiring federally funded infrastructure projects to use American-made products. We are a top provider of switchgear solutions. They meet and exceed these requirements​.

Why Choose American-Made Switchgear?

Our switchgear solutions are made in the United States. They adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability. The BABA Act stresses using American-made iron, steel, and products and construction materials. This is a standard that Spike Electric not only meets but proudly champions​ (U.S. Department of Commerce)​​ (The Department of Energy’s​.

Supporting Local Economies: By choosing our American-made switchgear, you get a great product. You also support the American economy, protect local jobs, and help build a sustainable manufacturing sector. This sector is vital for the nation’s infrastructure (Rural Development).

Compliance and Standards: Spike Electric follows the BABA Act. It ensures that our products are not just made in America. They also embody the spirit of American innovation and craftsmanship. Our switchgear solutions meet the tough standards of the IEEE, ANSI, and UL. They ensure that you get safe, efficient products. They are ready to meet the needs of today and tomorrow​ (U.S. Department of Commerce)​​ (The Department of Energy’s​​ (Rural Development)​.

Our Pledge to You

Spike Electric is dedicated to following the Build America Buy America Act. They provide switchgear for infrastructure projects across the nation. Their solutions are built on the foundation of American excellence. You may be involved in utility, industrial, or commercial projects. We are committed to US manufacturing. It ensures that you get products with unmatched quality, reliability, and performance.

Choose Spike Electric for your switchgear needs. See the difference that American-made quality brings to your projects.

*Valued Partner Acknowledgement Statement: Spike Electric Controls has partnered with ABB as a Value Add Partner, blending ABB’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in electrical solutions to elevate industry standards. This partnership aims to globally enhance system efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, delivering sophisticated electrification solutions to our customers. Additionally, this alliance includes dual branding of our Switchgear products and extends ABB’s warranties through Spike’s comprehensive Switchgear solutions, ensuring quality and reliability.