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S4XEBPB Encapsulated Explosion-proof Panelboards

  • In hazard locations where flammable gases, vapors, and combustible dust is present.
  • In areas where weather, dampness and corrosion is present
  • For branch protection to motors, starters, pumps, lighting, heat tracing etc.
  • For indoor/outdoor use in refineries and chemical plants where hazards exist.
• Breather/Drain
• Cast aluminum terminal housing(SN7SPB)
• Inverted Orientation
• Wire for max circuit (SN7SPB)
• Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B,C D
• Class II, Division 1, Groups E,F,G
• Class II, Division 2, Groups F,G
• Class III
Electrical Rating Range:
• Breather/Drain
• Cast aluminum terminal housing (SN7SPB)
• Inverted Orientation
• Wire for max circuit (SN7SPB)
  • Panel board enclosure–copper-free aluminum
  • Terminal housing–316 stainless steel
  • External operating handles–copper- free aluminum. Operating shafts, washers, breather/drain-stainless steel
  • Panel board bus–copper
  • Neutral and ground–tin plated aluminum