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Manual Transfer Switch (MTS / MTS4X)

Newest Series by Spike Electric Controls

An Overview: Spike Electric’s Manual Transfer Switch

During a sudden power outage Spike Electric Control’s MTS simplifies backup power by connecting a generator directly to your electrical circuits. This safely supplies backup power so you can keep your business up and running. 

The best way to select your own MTS is to match it to the largest outlet on your generator. This will range anywhere between 30 and 3000 amps. You should also verify that the switch can handle the amount of dedicated circuitry required.

Read more below or reach out directly so we can help solve any issues you are facing with your power supply!

A Solution for Power Outages

The digitalization and automation of business has developed power dependency and brought security risks to an increased level. Power outages abruptly affect business, whether it is the business of Manufacturing Industries or (IT) Services dealing with information technology. Medical facilities suffer dangerously due to power interruptions and patients’ lives rely on health monitoring systems. Any discontinuity in the normal functioning of medical equipment can directly lead to the loss of many lives.

Sudden power outages can endanger the safety and security of the common man especially when trapped in or out of buildings with automated access control systems, such as elevators. These are just a few instances of power outages becoming more than just a troublesome factor and threatening the safety and lives of millions of people simultaneously.

During a sudden power outage, Spike Electric‘s Manual Transfer Switch simplifies backup power by connecting a generator directly to your electrical circuits.

Standard Applications for the Manual Transfer Switch 

The Spike Electric Controls MTS UL 98/1008 range provides safe transfer and disconnection within your LV installation for optional standby systems (as described in NEC Article 702). Standard applications also include:

  • Transfer from Normal power supply to the backup source (emergency supply).

  • Safe on load transfer.

  • Changing motor phase rotation and equipment grounding connection.

Why Choose A Spike Electric MTS / MTS4X

Spike Electric provides the quickest delivery of the highest quality manufactured electric gear. We interact with our customers with high-quality customer service. That means you get:

  • Two-Week Turnarounds (or faster) on Most Orders
  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • High Quality Customer Service
  • A Manufacturing Parter for Years to Come

How does that translate into value for you? That’s simple.

Working with Spike Electric Controls means:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Less Overtime for Your Staff
  • Greater Operational Efficiencies

Kit (20-50A, 6-10 branch circuits)-These indoor manual transfer switch are designed for fast installation in residential and small business applications. These include a selected circuit transfer switch, power inlet, and power cord

Single Circuit (15-50A) These transfer switches are ideal for providing back-up power to furnaces or sump pumps, as well as other single-circuit applications. Economical and easy to install.

Main/Sub Transfer Panels (30-125A) These models combine a circuit breaker box and a transfer switch. Suitable for use as a main panel or sub-panel. Service entrance rated and three pole GFCI models are available.

Generator Ready Load Centers (150-200A) These models combine a transfer switch and load center in one convenient package. It includes a 150A or 200A utility main breaker and a 30A 125A generator breaker. Provide for up to 38 branch circuits. It is Service Entrance Rated and Ideal for new residential and small business applications.

Whole House or Business (30-400A) These switches are ideal for transferring power for your entire house, small business, garage, or pole-barn. Alternatively, these switches can be used to transfer power for an entire sub-panel in your home or business.

Commercial and Industrial (30-4000A) These switches are designed for commercial, industrial, agricultural, telecom, and municipal applications. Single and three phase up to 600V. Open Transition (break-before-make) is standard. Numerous options available on select series, including Service Entrance Rated, Closed Transition, Delayed Transition, Dual Source, and Bypass Isolation.

I-O-II Operation

Built to NEC National Electric Code

Built to CSA Canadian Standard Association

1 phase 3 phase & 4-pole switching neutral setup

Three Phase 208-600VAC

Single Phase 100-240VAC

60-1200A Switching Device UL1008 rated

60-1200A Assembly (UL508A rated)

Non-fused or Fused Disconnect protection

Pilot Light Indicator available

Ground Kits installed

Cam-Lok Plugs and Receptacles available

Padlock able Handle for lock out tag out

Reversal Protection Relay (optional)

Service Entrance Rating available

Built per ISO 9001 manufacturing standard

Increased safety and traceability

2 year warranty

NEC requires Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) to be UL 1008 Listed by Underwriters Laboratories and carry the UL 1008 label. The UL Listed TSE can be used in standby systems described in NFPA 70 (National Fire Protection Association) and has to conform to applicable requirements of UL 1008, NEMA ICS 1, and NEMA ICS 2.

Articles 700, 701, and 702 of the NEC, describe the electrical safety of the installation, operation, and maintenance of emergency systems including specific requirements for TSE.

Article 700 of the NEC covers the electrical safety requirement for the installation, operation and maintenance of circuits and equipment that must be operational to enable the safety of people in public places. For instance, this Article is applicable in establishments such as shopping malls, stadiums, hotels and healthcare facilities.

Article 700 is divided into 6 parts each addressing a distinct function within emergency systems. The division is done as follows:

Part I: General Requirements

Part II: Circuit Wiring

Part III: Sources of Power

Part IV: Emergency Circuits

Part V: Controls Emergency Lighting Circuits

Part VI: Overcurrent Protections

Additionally, the switch should transfer only emergency loads. In terms of fault current capacity for the transfer switching equipment, the switch must be able to withstand the maximum short circuit that the system can deliver until the protection devices operate. The short circuit current value needs to be indicated on the transfer equipment as specified in the UL 1008 requirements.

NEC Article 701 covers the electrical safety of legally required equipment. Legally required systems are required by the state, or any government agency having jurisdiction. An example of a legally required system would be communication systems used by emergency responders.

The Article stipulates that the alternate source of power for legal standby systems can be used to supply both standby systems and optional standby systems if it has the adequate capacity or if the installation can provide means of selective loads and load shedding in order to ensure that the legally standby systems are powered correctly, the second variation is the time required for the alternate source to come online, for legally required systems the time for detection, power and transfer is 60 seconds (10 seconds for emergency systems).

NEC Article 702 covers the specifications for the installation and operation of optional standby equipment that are permanently installed and arranged for connection to portable supply. Optional standby systems are defined as systems on which the performance has no impact on human safety.

The National Electrical Code® (NEC) authorizes the use of either manual or automatic transfer switches between the normal supply and the alternate power supply. Both manual and automatic transfer switches are required to have the adequate capacity and rating to supply the full load.

These are compliant with the National Electrical Code and are UL 1008 Listed. Available from 100 to 1200A manual or non-automatic, Spike Electric Controls TSE have been designed to offer a safe transfer between a normal and an alternate power source to help users comply with the new requirements of 700.3(F).

The Spike Electric Controls MTS UL 98/1008 can also be used as switching means to a temporary power supply in emergency systems (systems needed for human safety) as described in article 700.3(F) of the NEC.

Heavy Duty: Spike Electric Controls MTS are heavy duty manual transfer switches. They ensure switching transfer of sources or transfer of two low voltage circuits on load as well as their safe disconnection. These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications, such as resistive load or total system applications.

Stable positions: Spike Electric Controls have three stable positions which are not affected by voltage drops or vibrations, thus protecting your load against network interference.

Compact design: The Spike Electric Controls MTS are based on a back-to-back switching technology, providing a compact solution.

On-load switching: The Spike Electric Controls UL enables secure and reliable switching, without the need for pre-breaking upstream.

Reliability: The Spike Electric Controls MTS has double breaking per pole achieved through its sliding bar contacts system. The quick opening and rapid closure provides simultaneous disconnecting or making of all power contacts.

Conformity to Standards: UL 1008 guide WPYV file 317092UL 98 guide WHTY file 201138 • CSA 22.2#4 class 4651-02 UL 98 and CSA from 600-1200 A. Specific reference from 100 to 400 A on request.