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Switchgear Testing Services and Start-Up Commissioning Services

Finish and Powder Coating

We take pride in providing our clients with specialized switchgear testing services and start-up commissioning services. Our commitment is to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your electrical systems. We navigate complex electrical challenges, offering solutions that not only streamline operations but also enhance system performance and safety. 

With our start-up commissioning services, we ensure that your new electrical installations and systems are set up correctly, functioning efficiently, and ready to operate safely and reliably from day one.

Switchgear Testing Services

Expertise in Switchgear Testing

Our switchgear testing services are carried out by a team of experienced professionals who understand the critical importance of precision in electrical systems. We offer a range of testing services designed to verify the operational integrity of switchgear, ensuring they meet both safety standards and operational requirements. Our services include:

      • Diagnostic Testing: Utilizing advanced techniques to identify potential issues before they escalate.
      • Protective Relay Testing: Ensuring that safety relays operate correctly and within specified parameters.
      • Circuit Breaker Testing: Comprehensive testing of circuit breakers for reliable operation and compliance with safety standards.
      • Insulation Resistance Testing: Assessing the condition of insulation to prevent unexpected failures.

Your Trusted Partner in Electrical Safety

Choosing Spike Electric for your switchgear testing needs means entrusting your electrical infrastructure to a team dedicated to excellence. Our expertise ensures that your switchgear is not only compliant with safety regulations but also optimized for peak performance, providing you with the confidence and assurance of a well-maintained electrical system

Start-Up Commissioning Services

Comprehensive Commissioning Process

Our start-up commissioning process is thorough and meticulous, involving a series of checks, tests, and adjustments to ensure every component of your electrical system meets the required standards and specifications. Our services include:

      • System Verification: Confirming that all systems and components are installed correctly and are operational.
      • Functional Testing: Testing the entire system to verify that it functions as designed.
      • Safety Inspections: Ensuring all safety protocols and measures are in place and effective.
      • Operational Readiness Testing: Preparing the system for full operational deployment.

Ensuring Operational Excellence from the Start

Spike Electric’s start-up commissioning services are designed to provide a smooth transition from installation to operation. With our expert team, you can be confident that your electrical systems will be reliable, efficient, and ready to meet your operational needs. Trust Spike Electric to set the stage for your success with our meticulous commissioning services.

Ensure the reliability of your electrical systems with our comprehensive switchgear testing and start-up commissioning services.

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Cole Attaway

CEO, Spike Electric Controls

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Robert Hodson

President, Spike Electric Controls

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