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ATEX IECEx Manufacturing

Spike Electric atex oil terminal

We comply with global regulations and company policies, one of which is the ATEX IECEx regulation.

ATEX IECEx Manufacturing Safety

We understand how important safety is while working in the industrial sector. Safety of the entire industrial facility and the personnel working in it has always been of utmost importance to us while working on any project. In the field of design, manufacture, and installation of control systems, one should never undermine the importance of safety. Hence, we always strive to put safety standards ahead of profits. We develop designs and carry on the installation and maintenance processes with this principle in mind.

Our team of professionals and experts has always put forth immense efforts to improve our operational efficiency and flexibly adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the industrial market. In this process, we have always made sure that we have a comprehensive certification that would make us stand out as a reliable platform. We believe that as manufacturers of electrical control systems, we have a measure of responsibility, and hence we have an ethical approach while dealing with clients and handling their projects. Regardless of the instance, our priority has and will always be to safety and not to profits.

We comply with global regulations and company policies, one of which is the ATEX IECEx regulation. Since many products that we manufacture and also help in the installation of will be used in hazardous environments, they need to meet stringent criteria to avoid the possibility of causing ignition or other disastrous consequences. As a manufacturer and supplier of electric control systems, we are an ATEX IECEx certified manufacturer.

As a manufacturer and supplier of electric control systems, we are an ATEX IECEx certified manufacturer.

What Is The ATEX and IECEx Certification?

ATEX is a European directive that provides strict regulations for devices and equipment used in explosive atmospheres. It determines the sustainability of a product when used in hazardous environments. ATEX certification is given to manufacturers and companies whose products and equipment have gone through rigorous testing according to the Europen Union directives. If the products are proven safe to be used in hazardous and explosive atmospheres, then the company or manufacturing unit owning them will be given an ATEX certification.

Like the ATEX certification, IECEx certification is also given to products and equipment that have been tested and have been proven for safe use in risky and hazardous environments. IECEx certification is accepted internationally as this regulation consists of standards framed by the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC. Since IEC is an internationally recognized benchmark for electrical and technical fields, the IECEx certification is a huge proof of reliability for any manufacturing company.

As responsible manufacturers in the electrical and industrial sectors, we have obtained both the ATEX and IECEx certifications.


Zones And Equipment Categories In ATEX

Every industrial sector has explosive atmospheres. Such atmospheres have been divided into different zones based on the frequency of the presence of hazardous materials. Following is a summary of the zones and what they imply:

  1. Zone 0,1,2: These zones are for atmospheres with hazardous gases and mist
    1. Zone 0: This zone denotes a continuous presence of explosive mixtures. It needs Category 1 equipment.
    2. Zone 1: This zone denotes an intermittent presence of explosive mixtures. Category 1 or 2 equipment is needed.
    3. Zone 2: This zone denotes an infrequent presence of explosive mixtures. Category 3, 2, or 1 equipment is needed.
  2. Zone 20,21,22: These zones may have a presence of dust clouds.
    1. Zone 20: Continuous presence of explosive mixtures, hence Category 1 equipment has to be present.
    2. Zone 21: Intermittent presence of explosive mixtures, hence Category 2 or 1 equipment is needed.
    3. Zone 22: Abnormal presence of explosive mixtures, hence, Category 1,2, or 3 equipment is required.

We ensure that our professionals make an accurate analysis of the explosive environment in which our products are to be installed. They determine under which zone the atmosphere would come and then decide on the category of the equipment that has to be supplied and installed. The ATEX certification has increased the demand for safety solutions in many industrial sectors. Hence, we have obtained a certification.

Our ATEX and IECEx certified control panels are safe to use under different zones of hazardous environments. They are flameproof and do not need additional testing. We have a complete declaration of conformity, safety manuals, mechanical drawings, other documentation that will add to the reliability of our equipment.

We abide by the safety guidelines that have been outlined in the ATEX and IECEx regulations. Our devices will promote an utmost safe environment in dangerous and hazardous environments. Contact us today for assistance.


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