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PowerSafe Arc-Resistant Switchgear


Spike Electric’s Arc-Resistant Switchgear is a robust solution for managing high-voltage power in industrial settings.

ABB Value N Spike LogoSpike Electric Controls has partnered with ABB as a Value Add Partner, blending ABB’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in electrical solutions to elevate industry standards.*

Spike Electric’s PowerSafe Arc-Resistant Metal Clad Switchgear represents the forefront of switchgear technology. Incorporating cutting-edge ABB breakers, this system leverages the latest advancements to deliver unrivaled performance and reliability. As a leader in the industry, ABB’s renowned expertise ensures that our switchgear sets the standard for innovation and quality in the global market. It controls industrial power systems and boasts robust safety and operational capabilities. Spike Electric’s PowerSafe Arc-Resistant Metal Clad Switchgear meets ANSI standards and effectively manages short circuit currents up to 63 kA within voltage ranges of 5 to 15 kV. Its performance adheres to numerous critical standards, including seismic certification for IBC region D, ISO 9001 for quality assurance, and North American safety standards with UL labels and CSA certification. The switchgear is meticulously constructed and tested to IEEE C37.20.2 and IEEE C37.20.7, guaranteeing exceptional arc resistance and safety.

Switchgear Standards & Construction

Furthermore, the PowerSafe model complies with NFPA 70E standards, which specify conditions under which specific personal protective equipment (PPE) is not required—provided that maintenance and installation are correctly performed, and all panels and covers are securely in place. It offers various types of accessibility, each providing different levels of protection during operational conditions.

The robust construction of the switchgear features a bolted frame made from 11-gauge steel, which is designed to resist rust and scratches, enhancing durability. This sturdy construction is also designed for easy configuration and field adjustments, with compartment options available in sizes of 19, 38, 57, or 95 inches, catering to diverse installation requirements.

Reliable, Tested, and Efficient

PowerSafe Switchgear is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, featuring essential electrical components such as AMVAC and ADVAC circuit breakers. This system supports a variety of transformer types and provides multiple configurations for potential transformers, enhancing adaptability to diverse electrical demands. The PowerSafe lineup also includes an array of accessories such as breaker accessory kits, lift trucks, test cabinets, and jumper sets. Innovations like the SmartRack™ system enable remote racking, further improving operational efficiency. Additionally, both manual and electrically operated ground and test devices are available to enhance functionality and safety.

We conduct frequent and rigorous testing of the switchgear to verify its functionality and reliability. This includes dielectric and mechanical checks, and power frequency withstand tests. Ratio checks are for potential transformers. Optional factory witness tests give more assurance of quality and safety. You can customize mechanical and electrical parts. These parts include tin-plated bus and mimic bus. PowerSafe Switchgear offers a versatile range of support and mounting options, along with customizable wiring and terminal configurations. These features enable us to engineer, and design tailored solutions that precisely meet the specific requirements and specifications of each customer. Our adaptable setup ensures optimal integration and performance, providing a personalized approach to address unique operational demands. The PowerSafe Switchgear can be optionally equipped with an advanced active arc protection system, which significantly enhances safety. This optional feature utilizes technologies such as REA (Relay for Arc Extinction) or UFES (Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch) to actively detect and swiftly neutralize arc faults. These technologies help to prevent the initiation or rapidly extinguish electrical arcs, thereby reducing the risk of injury and equipment damage. Offering this system as an option allows customers to choose an added layer of safety tailored to their specific operational needs.

PowerSafe’s unique racking mechanism underscores its commitment to safety and efficiency, facilitating operations without direct contact with live components. This mechanism features a three-position racking system—Disconnected, Test, and Connected—enhanced with safety interlocks to prevent improper breaker operation. These interlocks are designed to prioritize operator safety and simplify maintenance.

Our 4160V – 15kV Arc-Resistant Switchgear up to 63kA

At Spike Electric Controls, we stand at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art Arc-Resistant Switchgear, engineered to provide maximum safety within power systems. Our products are specifically designed to control and contain arcing faults, thus protecting equipment and personnel.

Adherence to IEEE C37.20.7 Standards

Our commitment to safety and quality is reflected through our strict adherence to the IEEE C37.20.7 standards. This standard is recognized as a benchmark for testing metal-enclosed Switchgear. We ensure that each unit undergoes extensive testing to meet these rigorous standards, verifying its capability to withstand internal arcing faults effectively.

KA Ratings and Custom Capabilities

Our arc-resistant switchgear is available in a range of fault current ratings to accommodate various levels of electrical demand and safety requirements. From the more common lower ratings to the highest capacity available, we offer solutions tailored to meet any facility’s needs. The ratings start from 16kA, suitable for smaller installations or those with limited fault current potential, to more robust options like 25kA and 40kA, which are well-suited for medium to large industrial applications where higher fault currents may occur. Additionally, we provide switchgear rated at 50kA, commonly used in large commercial or industrial facilities that require substantial protective capacity.

For facilities with exceptionally high demands, our top-of-the-line switchgear can handle up to 63kA. This capability ensures that even in the most extreme conditions, where maximum protection against very high fault currents is necessary, our equipment can provide the necessary resilience and safety. At Spike Electric Controls, we can build metal-clad arc-resistant switchgear up to 63kA, ensuring superior protection and performance tailored to the specific needs of high-demand environments. Whether you need basic protection or the highest available fault current rating, we are equipped to deliver switchgear that meets your specific requirements, ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency in your electrical distribution system.

Features and Testing of Our Arc-Resistant Switchgear

We conduct thorough testing under the IEEE C37.20.7 guidelines, ensuring our switchgear can endure internal arcing faults. Our products are designed to handle applications up to 15kV, making them ideal for numerous medium voltage applications where safety is paramount. The metal-enclosed design enhances the durability of our switchgear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Spike Electric Controls: Synonymous with Reliability and Safety

At Spike Electric Controls, we recognize the critical importance of safety in electrical power management. We are dedicated to providing solutions that ensure the safety of your operations and personnel. Explore our advanced electrical safety solutions and discover how our Arc-Resistant Switchgear can serve your needs.


Enhanced Safety Measures

Our Arc-Resistant Switchgear is equipped with features that minimize the risks associated with electrical arcing:

  • Arc Mitigation: Special design features help to prevent, reduce, and redirect arcing energy away from operators and equipment.
  • Venting System: We incorporate vents and duct systems that channel the intense gases and pressures from an arc flash safely out of the switchgear enclosure.
  • Reinforced Enclosures: The use of thick steel doors and additional hinges enhances the structural integrity of our switchgear.

Comprehensive Protection and Ease of Maintenance

Designed for safety, our switchgear allows for the secure maintenance of equipment without risking arc flash accidents. Features like remote racking and switching, flame barriers, and sealed vents ensure comprehensive protection and ease of maintenance.

Arc Resistant Switchgear Types and Design

Type 1: Front-Only Accessibility

Type 1 arc-resistant switchgear is designed with accessibility and protection from the front only. This configuration offers basic protection and is typically suited for applications where rear and side exposures are not a concern. It is ideal for installations against walls or in restricted spaces where frontal access is prioritized. Despite its limited directional protection, Type 1 remains a robust choice for environments with controlled access and where interactions are minimized.

Type 2: Comprehensive Protection

Type 2 arc-resistant switchgear provides comprehensive protection, safeguarding from the front, back, and sides. This all-encompassing approach ensures that operators are shielded from arc flashes from any direction, making it suitable for more open or central locations within a facility. Type 2 switchgear is often employed in settings where the equipment is accessible from multiple angles, and where maximum operator and equipment protection is critical.

Type 2B and 2C: Advanced Safety Features

For environments requiring the highest level of safety and functionality, Types 2B and 2C arc-resistant switchgear offer advanced features:

  • Type 2B enhances safety by remaining arc resistant even when the low voltage compartment is open. This feature is crucial during maintenance or inspection operations, providing safety without the need to shut down the entire system. This type is particularly beneficial in continuous operation industries where downtime is costly.
  • Type 2C represents the pinnacle of arc-resistant design, incorporating the features of Type 2B with added protection for individual compartments. This means that each compartment is designed to independently contain and control arc incidents, greatly reducing the risk of propagation and providing the highest safety standards in the industry.

Customizable Design Options

Recognizing that each facility has unique needs, our arc-resistant switchgear can be customized to include various protective and operational features such as venting systems, reinforced enclosures, and quick-access panels for emergency situations. The design also considers ease of installation and integration into existing power management systems, ensuring that upgrading to Spike Electric Controls’ switchgear is seamless and efficient.

Choosing the right type of arc-resistant switchgear involves assessing the specific safety requirements, environmental conditions, and operational demands of your facility. At Spike Electric Controls, we are committed to providing not just products but comprehensive solutions that enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our experts are ready to assist in evaluating your needs and recommending the best switchgear type to protect your assets and personnel. Reach out to explore how our cutting-edge solutions can fortify your electrical infrastructure.

Choose Spike Electric for Your Arc-Resistant Switchgear Needs

Spike Electric’s PowerSafe Arc-Resistant Switchgear stands as a robust solution for managing high-voltage power in industrial settings. It incorporates advanced safety features, sturdy construction, and versatile design options to meet the stringent requirements of contemporary power management and safety regulations. This makes it an ideal choice for facilities focused on enhancing safety and efficiency in power distribution.


American-Made Excellence: Our Commitment to the Build America Buy America Act

At Spike Electric, we take pride in making switchgear solutions. They are at the forefront of tech innovation. They are also deeply rooted in our commitment to American manufacturing excellence. The Build America Buy America Act aims to boost American industry. It does this by requiring federally funded infrastructure projects to use American-made products. We are a top provider of switchgear solutions. They meet and exceed these requirements​.

Why Choose American-Made Switchgear?

Our switchgear solutions are made in the United States. They adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability. The BABA Act stresses using American-made iron, steel, and products and construction materials. This is a standard that Spike Electric not only meets but proudly champions​ (U.S. Department of Commerce)​​ (The Department of Energy’s​.

Supporting Local Economies: By choosing our American-made switchgear, you get a great product. You also support the American economy, protect local jobs, and help build a sustainable manufacturing sector. This sector is vital for the nation’s infrastructure (Rural Development).

Compliance and Standards: Spike Electric follows the BABA Act. It ensures that our products are not just made in America. They also embody the spirit of American innovation and craftsmanship. Our switchgear solutions meet the tough standards of the IEEE, ANSI, and UL. They ensure that you get safe, efficient products. They are ready to meet the needs of today and tomorrow​ (U.S. Department of Commerce)​​ (The Department of Energy’s​​ (Rural Development)​.

Our Pledge to You

Spike Electric is dedicated to following the Build America Buy America Act. They provide switchgear for infrastructure projects across the nation. Their solutions are built on the foundation of American excellence. You may be involved in utility, industrial, or commercial projects. We are committed to US manufacturing. It ensures that you get products with unmatched quality, reliability, and performance.

Choose Spike Electric for your switchgear needs. See the difference that American-made quality brings to your projects.

* Valued Partner Acknowledgement Statement: Spike Electric Controls has partnered with ABB as a Value Add Partner, blending ABB’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in electrical solutions to elevate industry standards. This partnership aims to globally enhance system efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, delivering sophisticated electrification solutions to our customers. Additionally, this alliance includes dual branding of our Switchgear products and extends ABB’s warranties through Spike’s comprehensive Switchgear solutions, ensuring quality and reliability.