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EBMC Flanged Explosion-Proof Combination Starters

Nema Size starters 00 – 2 may take a 50VA CPT if when there is minimal controls.

EBM hinged cover motor control enclosures are used:

  • For general motor control and circuit protection – indoors and outdoors – in damp wet dirty dusty hazardous locations without the need for a protective shelter
  • In areas where frequent washdowns are necessary or where heavy rain or water spray is prevalent
  • For across-the-line starting stopping speed changing and reversing of polyphase AC induction motors
  • To provide line disconnect means and short circuit protection
  • To provide motor overload and undervoltage protection
  • For service entrance feeder or branch circuit protection for lighting heating appliance and motor circuits
  • On switchracks or other assemblies where it’s desired that motor control be centrally located
    • Rugged, corrosion resistant cast copper-free aluminum construction (less than 0.4 of 1%)
    • Component operating handles located through the right side wall of the body permits visual confirmation of correct component assembly and operation
    • Total compliance to the wiring end room requirements of the National Electrical Code*/Canadian Electrical Code
    • Semi-clamshell enclosure design with an external flanged ground joint between body and cover makes interior components more accessible
    • Minimum enclosure-to-enclosure spacing with little interference between the opened cover and an adjacent enclosure
    • Stainless steel hinges allow the cover to swing well out of the way
    • Stainless steel quick release captive hex head cover bolts.
    • Stainless steel springs provide clear indication cover bolts are fully retracted from body
    • Versatile internal operating mechanisms allow for field adjustment to accommodate popular manufacturers’ starters and breakers
    • Simple straightforward installation of breaker and starter on pre-drilled mounting plate within enclosure. Mounting plate also field removable.
    • Circuit breaker motor circuit protector external operating handle can be padlocked in either “ON” or “OFF” positions
    • Neoprene cover gasket permanently attached to th cover seals out moisture
    • Bodies have top and bottom drilled and tapped entrances for power conduits plus one at the bottom for control conduit. Removable reducers are supplied as standard to accommodate smaller size conduits. All conduit entrances are plugged.
    • Tap-on mounting feet
    • Optional EMPS control devices may be added to enclosure cover
    • Steel bracket for lifting larger enclosures during installation supplied as standard
    • NEC/CEC
    • Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D
    • Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G
    • Class III
    • UL Standards: UL1203 – Hazardous (Classified) Locations
    • UL Subject 2062 – High AIC rating (Interrupting Capacity) For Groups C & D only
    • Body and cover – copper-free aluminum
    • Operating handle – copper-free aluminum
    • Operating shafts and bushings – stainless steel
    • Cover bolts hinges washer and retractile springs – stainless steel
    • Interior parts – sheet steel electro-galvanized