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Control Center Rooms

By Spike Electric

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Designing, developing, and delivering power control center rooms require expertise, engineering, an eye for detail, and precise execution.

Spike Electric manufactures the best quality and premium operating power control center rooms that cater to the requirements and purposes of several industries across a diverse range of sectors.

The power control center room should be able to flawlessly meet all the operational goals of your project and your industrial unit. What can you do to ensure that? You need to have the best industry experts engineer modular power generation control rooms that will blend flexibly with your project specifications and on-site requirements.

Spike Electric’s custom-designed power generation control rooms and BPCR are assembled and tested in a highly advanced facility with quality control procedures. Spike Electric is not a place where the design and engineering standards are compromised. Extensive factory testing is implemented to ensure that the end product is of superior premium quality.

Spike Electric manufactures the best quality and premium operating power control center rooms that cater to the requirements and purposes of several industries across a diverse range of sectors.

All power generation control rooms or power control room centers designed and deployed by Spike Electric are compliant with industry standards and regulations like IEEE and NEMA. We guarantee that your BPCR or power generation control room exceeds the expectations of all applicable codes and standards.

What Will You Obtain By Collaborating With Spike Electric?

  • Skilled craftsmanship: We have the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals on board, who will understand the specific requirements and conditions of your site and project, and will design a power generation control room accordingly.
  • Advanced Production Techniques: At Spike Electric, we believe in incorporating the most advanced techniques so that each of our clients will experience the seamless operation of electric equipment and reliable, hassle-free service. Per the requirements and requests of our clients, Spike Electric will engineer power generation control rooms or BPCRs as per the standards and specifications of the National Electric Code or NEC and The Commercial and Industry Buildings (Category QRNZ).

Features of Power Control Center Rooms by Spike Electric 

  • Fully customized pieces of equipment as per the client’s requirements. 
  • Every project and every industrial unit’s requirements are different. So, we design what you need. The power control center room will be modified and engineered per your necessities. 
  • Power generation control rooms are thoroughly tested before shipping. Every piece of equipment is tested for full functionality and operational condition. 
  • Ability to withstand challenging weather and environmental conditions. 
  • The purpose of a power generation control room is to ensure continuous and secure power generation to remote locations where there are on-site limitations. Since they are exposed to external environmental factors, Spike Electric’s power generation control rooms are designed to suit the most challenging of conditions. 
  • The best design, engineering, and durability on the market.  

Leading industry experts will design the control room center. The engineering of this piece of equipment will be perfect to the smallest of details, because power generation control rooms at Spike Electric are durable and made to last! 

BPCR or Power Generation Control Room Center vs. Job-Site Erected Structures 

Engineering and Design 

  • Spike Electric coordinates the interfaces and interconnections of all systems involved. 
  • The BPCR is pre-assembled, tested, and completed with the integration of all electrical, instrumentation, and control systems. 


  • Requires a very simple and minimum foundation- mostly piers or curbs. 
  • Metal base ground, or a copper ground system is utilized, per the client specifications.  
  • The entire piece of equipment is grounded before being shipped to the client. 
  • Highly flexible to adapt to both overhead and underground conduit systems. 
  • Constructed from a single source under highly controlled, advanced, and efficient factory conditions. 

Delivery and Scheduling 

  • The power generation control room center arrives fully tested and ready for operation. 
  • Includes all the equipment furnished by the customer.  
  • Spike Electric will ensure on-time delivery of the equipment. 

Other Advantages

  • The power generation control room center or BPCR will be delivered with all the electrical elements and equipment interconnected and tested for full and accurate functionality. 
  • It will be delivered as per the pre-determined schedule. 
  • The power generation control room centers have the same tax designation as the equipment, which is weather-proof and is of shelter-form.


Spike Electric- An Ultimate Destination for All Power Generation Control Room Center Requirements 

Over the last few years, Spike Electric has curated and developed innovative solutions to cater to the needs and ever-evolving electric requirements and demands of the industrial, manufacturing, processing, and commercial sectors. We are committed to delivering the most advanced and robust electrical services and products. If you are seeking quality power generation control rooms or BPCARs, we are your ideal choice! 

Get in touch with our team of professionals and we will help in designing, engineering, and delivering the best, in-class power generation control room center for you and your project. Reach out to us today! 

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CEO, Spike Electric Controls

"Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies."

Robert Hodson

President, Spike Electric Controls

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