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Electrical Testing Services

Finish and Powder Coating

Spike Electric stands at the forefront of electrical testing services. We specialize in tackling your most challenging electrical issues with a full suite of engineering, cybersecurity, installation, and maintenance solutions. With Spike Electric, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to navigating the complexities of electrical systems, empowering you to concentrate on your core operations.

Expertise in Electrical Testing

At the heart of Spike Electric are our skilled engineers and technicians, who are committed to performing detailed maintenance, NERC, and performance testing. Our acceptance testing services for essential equipment like circuit breakers and transformers cover systems ranging from 480V to 765kV, ensuring your infrastructure’s reliability and safety.

Maintenance Testing for Optimal Performance

Our goal with electrical maintenance testing is to enhance the reliability of your equipment, minimize unexpected downtime, and improve safety standards. Our team is equipped to handle tests, repairs, and upgrades on systems from 120/208V up to 765kV, giving you the confidence of fully operational and efficient equipment.

Acceptance Testing for Guaranteed Compliance

Leveraging over 40 years of experience, Spike Electric ensures your equipment aligns with designed specifications and operates at peak performance from the outset. Independent acceptance testing by our NETA-certified technicians plays a crucial role in preventing new equipment failures, offering you peace of mind.

Oil Sampling and Analysis for Equipment Health

Understanding the condition of your vital equipment through oil analysis can significantly impact its longevity and reliability. Spike Electric provides comprehensive oil sampling and analysis, helping you to preemptively address potential issues and maintain uninterrupted, quality service.

Cable Testing for System Integrity

Given the vital role of cables in medium and high-voltage power systems, Spike Electric emphasizes the importance of routine testing. Our experienced team ensures your underground cable systems are tested regularly, maintaining stable and reliable service to all your customers.

Your Partner in Electrical Testing

Choosing Spike Electric for your electrical testing needs means partnering with a leader committed to excellence and innovation. Our advanced solutions and dedicated support are designed to keep you ahead of the curve in the electrical industry. Power your future with Spike Electric, where cutting-edge testing services and reliability converge.

Discover comprehensive electrical testing services designed to ensure safety and efficiency.

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"We provide our customers with the quickest delivery possible of our high-quality services."

Cole Attaway

CEO, Spike Electric Controls

"Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies."

Robert Hodson

President, Spike Electric Controls

The highest quality at the quickest speed.

Spike can deliver the same name-brand electrical gear in a fraction of the time.