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Model PV-3 Spark Arresting Purge Vent Accessory

The Model PV-3 Purge Vent is a gravity operated enclosure pressure relieving device designed to relieve excess pressure inside a protected enclosure while preventing any sparks or burning material from escaping into a classified location. A required accessory for Model YZ103 purge units, the Model PV-3 will begin to open when enclosure pressure exceeds approximately 0.8” w.c. and will fully open once enclosure pressure exceeds approximately 1.5”. Model PV-3 is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel components providing corrosion protection from harsh environments. Being gravity operated, the Model PV-3 MUST be installed in a true vertical position for proper operation and is available in “T” (top mount) and “S” (side mount) configurations. The device attaches to the protected enclosure via a standard conduit hub and can alternately be remotely mounted (contact factory for details).

  • Shipping Weight: -T (Top Mount): 8 oz.
  • -S (Side Mount): 16 oz.
  • Mounting Hub Diameter: 3/4”
  • Normal Purge Flow Rate: 12 scfm
  • Normal Purge Enclosure Pressure: *5” w.c.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: **24 scfm
  • Maximum Flow Enclosure Pressure: **9.5” w.c.
  • * Enclosure Integrity determines actual Pressure
  • **1/2” supply @ 100 psi, zero leakage totally sealed test enclosure
  • Vent Cap & Base: Machined 3003 Aluminum
  • Vent Cover: Drawn Aluminum
  • Mounting Hub: Aluminum
  • Spark Arresting Element: 80 micron 316 SS
  • Fastening Hardware: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Fittings: Aluminum
  • Relief Ball: Polypropolyne