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Low Voltage Switchgear

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear is the new generation low voltage switchgear platform incorporating the best of both worlds: cutting-edge SACE® Emax® 2 air circuit breaker with SACE Emax 2 Ekip trip unit technology, integrated into the proven AKD switchgear platform, once again, demonstrating the innovation and reliability end users expect from Spike Electric. 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified Spike facility and built to rigorous standards. 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear meets the demands of industrial, utility and commercial applications. It is designed and tested in accordance with the latest IEEE C37.20.1 standard, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 31, and UL 1558 standards (file no. E76012). Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear has been conformance-tested to ANSI C37.51. Any equipment requiring UL 1558 or CSA labeling will be provided with a cUL label. (A cUL label is a third-party certification that indicates the switchgear is compliant to both ANSI/IEEE and CSA standards.) 

ANSI/IEEE standards require that switchgear operates at the ratings of devices installed. Switchgear short circuit ratings are based on two 30-cycle withstand tests with 15-second interval between the two tests, performed at 15 percent power factor and 635 Vac maximum. In addition ANSI/IEEE switchgear thermally qualifies the design through testing, which is inclusive of the UL 1066 Power Air Circuit Breaker. In contrast, switchboards only provide a single 3-cycle withstand test at 20 percent power factor and 600 Vac maximum and do not require thermally tested solutions inclusive of UL1066 or UL489 breakers. 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear is available with the following ratings: 

  • 600 Vac nominal, 635 Vac maximum 
  • 8000 amps AC main bus/5000 amps breaker max. 
  • 50/60 Hz 
  • 100 kA symmetrical short circuit 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear breaker and auxiliary sections are constructed with 11-gauge frames and are furnished in 15, 22, 30 and 38-inch widths. The switchgear is designed to be operated in ambient temperatures between –30°C and 40°C [-22°F and 104°F].

Low voltage circuit breakers rated 800/1200/ 1600/ 2000 amps can be stacked in four-high combinations resulting in optimized floor space. The 11-gauge, bolted modular-designed steel frame permits flexibility in arrangements of breakers and associated components. 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear houses low voltage power circuit breakers, instrumentation, and other auxiliary circuit protective devices in single or multiple source configurations. Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear can be applied either as a power distribution unit or as part of a unit substation in indoor or outdoor construction. 

A metal breaker cradle is incorporated into the breaker cubicle and includes the safety interlocks, and provisions for accessories such as shutters, position switches, secondary disconnects, and key interlocking.

The SACE Emax 2 low voltage power circuit breaker (LVPCB) offers a wealth of protection and communication in a breaker size and weight not seen in previous generations of low voltage switchgear. The circuit breaker’s frames have continuous current ratings from 800 A to 5000 A and rating plug values as low as 100 A. Short-circuit ratings are available up to 100 kA, with 65 kA, 85 kA, and 100 kA 30- cycle withstand ratings to match. 

The SACE Emax 2 Ekip Touch protection trip units are equipped with a large color touch-screen display which enables safe and intuitive operation. Furthermore the SACE Emax 2 Ekip trip units can be accessed by means of smartphone, tablet or portable PC, thanks to enhanced connectivity capabilities and a full portfolio of commissioning tools. The increased computing power allows to update the circuit breaker maintaining it closed and in service during the operation.

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Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified Spike facility and built to rigorous standards.

Standard & Optional Features: for Enhanced Operation & Reliability 

Cradle Construction 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear has several key components that set it apart from previous low voltage switchgear designs. The Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear breaker fits into a metal cradle built in to the circuit breaker cubicles. Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear breaker cubicle construction uses an unventilated front door that provides closed-door access to breaker status indicators, mechanism operators, trip unit display and keypad, and it allows for true closed-door drawout operation. 

The breaker cubicle door has a standard quarter-turn latch and serves as a steel barrier between live parts and the operator. The compartment houses accessories as well as interlocks for the drawout breaker. Accessories include current transformers for discrete metering or protective relaying, drawout position switches and key interlocks. 

Repetitive Duty 

Circuit breakers are designed primarily to perform the function of circuit interruption under short-circuit conditions. 

Nevertheless, modern circuit breakers’ mechanisms are capable of many operations under full-load operation and in-rush conditions such as those encountered in motor starting applications. Industry standards have been established for maintenance intervals. With adequate maintenance, SACE Emax 2 will meet all life claims found in the SACE Emax 2 UL catalog.

SACE Emax 2 breakers have been designed to meet life expectancy claims following a more flexible maintenance schedule. Please see the Installation, operation and maintenance instructions for the installer and the user – SACE Emax 2 E2.2-E4.2-E6.2 for details. 

Power circuit breakers, when operating under usual service conditions, shall be capable of operating the number of times specified in the following table. The operating conditions and the permissible effect of such operations upon the breaker are listed in Table 1 and the footnotes. 

For instance, the breaker should be operated with rated control voltage applied. The frequency of operation should not exceed 20 in 10 minutes or 30 in an hour (rectifiers or other auxiliary devices may further limit the frequency of operation).

No functional parts should require replacement during the listed operations. The circuit breaker should be able to carry its rated continuous current at rated maximum voltage and perform at least one opening operation at rated short-circuit current. 

After completion of this series of operations, functional part replacement and general servicing may be necessary. This standard applies to all parts of a circuit breaker that function during normal operation. It does not apply to other parts, such as overcurrent tripping devices that function only during infrequent abnormal circuit conditions.

Temperature De-Rating Factors 

The continuous current rating of SACE Emax 2 breakers is based on their use in an enclosure at 40° C ambient temperature. SACE Emax 2 breakers must be derated for ambient temperatures above 40° C. (Trip unit ambient is limited to 70° C.) 

Altitude Correction Factors 

When applying low voltage power circuit breakers at altitudes greater than 6,600 feet, their continuous current rating must be modified due to lower air density at higher altitudes reducing the ability to cool by natural convection. The voltage ratings must also be modified because of the lower dielectric strength of the air. The short-time and short-circuit current ratings are not affected by altitude. However, the short-circuit current ratings shall not exceed that of the voltage class before de-rating. 


Ferrous parts are zinc-plated for corrosion protection except for some parts made from alloy steels that are inherently corrosion resistant. Current-carrying parts are silver or tin-plated for corrosion protection and to assure electrical continuity. Heaters may be added to indoor sections operating in high humidity environments. Heaters are mounted in the bus/cable compartment in the rear of each section. 

Primary Disconnect Shutters 

Shutters are standard accessories for all breaker cubicles. The shutters open when the breaker is racked in from the TEST position to the CONNECT position. The shutters are in the closed position when the breaker is in the TEST and DISCONNECT positions. They can be locked in the closed position when the breaker is removed from the cubicle, preventing access to the line and load stabs in the breaker cubicle. 

Kirk Key Interlocks 

Key interlocks can be added to the cradle to mechanically lock the breaker open, in a trip-free position, when the breaker is in the CONNECT position. 

The cradle will accommodate either one or two Kirk key interlocks. Interlocking schemes prevent multiple breakers from being closed at the same time, such as a utility main and emergency generator, or preventing a tie breaker from being closed until a main circuit breaker is opened. 

Key interlocks are also used to prevent operation of a transformer primary switch unless the main secondary breaker is open. Key interlocks mounted on the breaker cradle stay with the breaker cubicle so that the interlock scheme is maintained even if a spare breaker is inserted into a key interlocked breaker cubicle. 

Breaker Rating Rejection 

The cradle also includes rating interlocks to prevent a breaker of incorrect short-circuit rating or continuous current rating from being installed into a cradle (Figure 05). There are four physical envelope sizes for the SACE Emax 2 breaker. The physical size differences will not allow breakers of a different envelope size to fit into an incorrect compartment. 

Drawout Interlocks 

Drawout interlocks are part of the breaker-mounted racking mechanism and prevent the breaker from being moved into or out of the CONNECT position unless the circuit breaker is open. Once the breaker has been opened, the racking interlock button can be depressed and racking handle inserted. The interlocks also prevent closing a breaker unless it is in the fully CONNECT or TEST position. A breaker mounted interlock prohibits the breaker from being removed from the cradle while it’s spring is charged. 

Padlocking Provisions 

Several types of padlocking provisions are standard on the cradle and breaker. The cradle has provisions for padlocking the shutters in the closed position and for padlocking access to the racking mechanism. 

The drawout rails have provisions for up to three 8mm padlocks to prevent a circuit breaker from being installed into the cradle. The circuit breaker utilizes the PLC accessory to provide a provision for up to three padlocks of 4mm diameter that will keep the breaker open and mechanically trip free. An optional padlockable cubicle quarter-turn latch is available to prevent unauthorized access to the breaker cubicle. 

Door Interlock 

An optional door interlock can be supplied on the cradle to automatically secure the breaker cubicle door and prevent entry into the breaker cubicle unless the circuit breaker is racked out to the TEST or DISCONNECT position. This interlock can be offered with or without a hidden interlock bypass feature. 

Instrument Panel 

Standard construction includes a grounded steel instrument panel above each circuit breaker. This panel is used for mounting a variety of control circuit components – including fuses for the charge, close, and trip circuits; indicating lights, and the Reduced Energy Let- Thru switch. Control circuit fuses and indicating lamps are replaceable from the front of the panel. The panel is removable to provide access to wiring terminations. 

Secondary Disconnects 

Breaker control circuit devices and trip unit inputs and outputs are connected to the breaker through secondary disconnects mounted on the front of the breaker and cradle. 

This provides convenient access to the secondary control terminal points for monitoring or troubleshooting. All breaker-mounted accessories have dedicated wiring terminals which reside in the cradle mounted terminal box. Adding accessories to the breaker requires only the installation of the accessory in the breaker and installing a terminal block in the correct location in the cradle mounted terminal box, described in the accessory installation manual. 

Current Transformers 

Relaying class CTs can be supplied for E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2 breakers. The relaying class CTs are located in the breaker cubicle and are mounted on either the three upper primary disconnect stabs or the three lower primary disconnect stabs in the cubicle. Up to three relaying current transformers may be mounted in the breaker cubicle. These CTs are also used for discrete metering purposes. 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear Bus Options 

All horizontal and vertical bus bars (phase, neutral, and ground) are tin-plated copper. Tin plating is desirable for many industrial applications such as wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, petrochemical and other areas where the environment may be damaging to silver plating. Tin-plated bus can also be used for commercial and utility applications. An optional silver-plated bus may be specified for phase, neutral and ground buses. In all applications, the primary disconnect stabs for drawout breakers are provided with full silver plating. Primary disconnect stabs are removable and replaceable in the breaker cubicle. Uninsulated copper bus is standard in Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear, as are insulated runbacks for feeder breakers 2000 A and smaller. Options for insulated horizontal bus, phase-isolated vertical bus, and bus compartment barriers for the phase bus are available. 

When the insulated/ isolated bus option is specified, all main bus joints are covered with an insulating cap so that only the feeder cable terminations are exposed. Bus compartment barriers provide polyester-glass barriers between the bus compartment and the cable compartment. Additional isolation can be provided in the cable compartment of each vertical section by specifying section barriers. 

The section barrier option provides a combination of steel and polyester-glass barriers in the rear of each vertical section. The steel barrier provides isolation between sections in the cable termination area, and the polyester-glass barriers provide isolation in the main bus area. When supplied, the section barrier option prevents exposure to the cable terminations in adjacent vertical sections when performing any operations in the rear of a section.

Expansion Capabilities 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear is designed to be easily expanded to handle increased loading. It is very common, and advised, to specify fully equipped future breaker cubicles when ordering a substation or lineup. The fully equipped future breaker cubicle contains line and load side primary disconnects, cradle with drawout rails and interlocks, and a cubicle door with a cover over the breaker cutout. 

At time of manufacture, the cubicle can also be outfitted with any specified metering, protection, and control devices, or these can be added when the breaker is installed. Adding a new feeder breaker can then be as simple as removing a cover from the cubicle door and installing the breaker. 

Standard bus configurations used in Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear have built-in provisions for future bus extensions. Should the switchgear have no future breaker compartments, additional vertical sections can be mechanically and electrically connected to the Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear lineup without modifications. Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear section can also be added to existing GE low voltage switchgear equipment within a limited scope. Please consult your local sales representative to discuss your specific needs. 

IR Windows 

Optional Infrared (IR) Scanning Windows can be provided in the switchgear rear covers to facilitate the use of IR cameras for performing thermal scans of cable terminations. 

Use of the IR windows minimizes exposure to live conductors while performing this preventive maintenance operation. Crystal-type IR windows are used on both indoor NEMA 1 and outdoor NEMA 3R applications. IR windows have a gasketed cover plate secured with tamper-resistant hardware. 

Quantity and location of the IR windows are dependent on the breaker stacking arrangement. Typically, one IR window is furnished per feeder breaker, but breaker placement and depth of the rear cable compartment can allow the field of view of the IR window to cover multiple breaker terminations. 

Remote Racking 

SACE Emax 2 breakers (E2.2, E42 and E6.2) allow provisions to accept a remote racking device that allows the operator or electrician to move the breaker anywhere between the DISCONNECT and CONNECT positions without standing in front of the circuit breaker cubicle. The remote racking device attaches to the breaker without opening the cubicle door. It is powered from any standard 120 Vac receptacle. The control box on the end of the 30-foot cord has switches to control the operation of the remote racking device, allowing the operator to stand outside the arc flash boundary while racking a circuit breaker into or out of its cubicle. For more details, please see 1SDH001564R001. 

Cable Space 

The conduit entrance area meets NEC requirements for cable termination and bending space. Extended depth frame options are available in 7-inch or 14-inch sizes for applications requiring additional cable space. Breaker section widths can also be increased from 22 inches to 30 inches or from 30 inches to 38 inches for additional cable space.

Other testing includes passing 1000 hours in a humidity cabinet, cross hatch adhesion, impact and ductility tests. Meeting or exceeding the UL, ANSI, and ASTM requirements demonstrates that the paint finish on the Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear enclosure will be able to provide long service in severe operating environments. 

Seismic Certification 

Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear with SACE Emax 2 circuit breakers has been certified in accordance with ICC-ES-AC156 to the requirements of IEEE- 693-2018 and CBC-2019/IBC-2018. Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear has been certified for use in all IBC- 2018 Seismic Use Groups, Occupancy Importance Factors, and Seismic Design Categories, as well as qualified to IEEE- 693 for Moderate and High Seismic Loading conditions. 

Outdoor Options and Features 

All outdoor-rated equipment comes standard with hinged aisle doors with rubber gaskets and padlocking provisions, asphalt base undercoating on the exterior bottom, interior lights, space heater in each vertical section, ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacle, light switch, and space heater switch. Outdoor-protected aisle equipment comes standard with an overhead hoist. For outdoor non-walk-in equipment, an optional hydraulic breaker lift may be used.

Breaker Lifting Device 

Installed on the top of the switchgear, this rail-mounted hoist provides the means for installing and removing SACE Emax 2 circuit breakers from the switchgear cubicles. The overhead breaker lifting device is standard on outdoor-protected aisle construction and optional on indoor construction. Alternatively, a portable hydraulic breaker lifter may be used to install and remove breakers. Lifting spreaders are provided as a standard accessory for each switchgear lineup. The breaker lifting spreader is the interface between the cable hook on the breaker lifting device and the circuit breaker. Lifting spreaders are also used with the hydraulic breaker lifter. 

Paint Finish 

The sheet metal parts that form the Spike Electric Low Voltage Switchgear switchgear cubicles and sections are protected by a powder coat paint process, which utilizes polyester powder, electrostatically applied to properly prepared parts. Switchgear parts are prepared, coated, and baked on a continuously moving overhead conveyor system to create a textured finish. 

The resulting ANSI-61 light gray paint finish far exceeds the requirements of UL1558 and ANSI C37.20.1, which require a minimum 200 hour salt spray test. Parts that have the powder coat applied per this process have passed 1000 hours of neutral salt spray testing per ASTM B-117. 

For ease of breaker installation, outdoor protected-aisle equipment comes standard with double doors on the right side of the equipment aisle (as viewed facing front of the equipment). On longer lineups an additional door is provided on the left side of the equipment. 

All aisle doors are padlock capable from the exterior and come standard with panic door latches on the interior. Consult your local sales representative if additional doors or door location modifications are required. 

All outdoor switchgear comes standard with hinged rear doors with built-in padlock provisions. For both front and rear doors, use a No. 3 Master padlock (0.281 inches diameter, 0.73 inches high closed [measured inside the lock shank]), or a No. 1 Master padlock (0.312 inches diameter shank, 0.92 inches high closed [measured inside the lock shank]) for locking the handle.

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