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The GE Spectra Series Switchboards

fan control panels by spike electric can employ ge spectra series switchboards

Features of the GE Spectra Series Switchboard

These types of switchboards follow a process of blending together three main components. What are they? One is a primary service disconnect, second is a panel for power distribution, and third is a compartment with a metering device. All these three components are combined to a single unit. What is accomplished by combining these three components into one unit? It helps in providing an increased number of installation opportunities, saves space, and also allows users to connect as many required number of distribution panel sections they want. Spike Electric is an ABB and an authorized GE Industrial Solutions distributor. Collaborate with us for cost-effective and hassle-free switchboard solutions.

Let’s discuss the features of the GE Spectra Series Switchboard in further detail. This unique product line offers an exclusive range of features and services by providing premium and workable solutions for a wide range of industrial requirements. Following are a few of the vital features of GE switchboards:

  • Classic bolted construction for the moulded case.
  • Case circuit breakers with insulation, steel framing, and energy storage.
  • Case circuit breakers of steel framing with insulation and draw-out construction.
  • Moulded case circuit breakers with pressure connect features and GE’s patent.

The GE spectre line of switchboards is a popular choice among many industries for reliable and durable switchboard solutions. This line of products also provides manufacturing capability that is cost-effective and is of high-quality standards. Additionally, as a distributor for GE Solutions, Spike Electric has a large network and access to several facilities. Hence, we are capable of providing prompt deliveries for a huge and unique range of products.

The GE Spectra line of switchboards is an epitome of advanced automated engineering capacity and standard experience. Hence, all industrial products by the GE group provide quick and reliable solutions. As a supplier of the products by the GE group, Spike Electric handles complex customization processes required by our clients for their respective industrial facilities. All GE Switchboards can perfectly integrate with all our circuit breakers, power management components, transient voltage suppressors, and meters. Also, this product range can perfectly align with a broad range of non-GE components as well, depending on your requirement.

The GE Spectra line of switchboards is the epitome of advanced automated engineering capacity and standard experience.

Definition of A Switchboard

The NEC defines a switchboard as “a single panel, frame, or assembly of panels which is large in size, usually on which various components like switches, overcurrent, buses, and other protective devices are mounted either on the face or back.”. A switchboard is also referred to as an electrical main switchboard or a distribution switchboard. It is an essential part of an electric system and can also be called your distribution centre. 

What is the purpose of distribution switchboards? They are responsible for supplying electricity to various panelboards within the facility. These panelboards, in turn, deliver electricity to specific circuits or groups of circuits, but not the other way round. Switchboards employ both vertical and horizonatal bus components to function. How? The horizontal bus is responsible for transporting electricity between several distinct sections of a switchboard. On the other hand, the vertical bus component is responsible for the transmission of power through various branch circuits. What about the enclosures for switchboards? Switchboards always come with an enclosure. Various NEMA-rated enclosures are used for switchboards so that they can be installed both outdoors and indoors.


More Switchboard Details

The integral purpose of a switchboard is to control and monitor the flow of power. A switchboard divides the input main current into several smaller nubs and distributes it across many other devices in the industrial facility. To be precise, switchboards supply power or current to a lot of important devices like transformers, panels, and other equipment. Power gets distributed further from those devices.


What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing A Switchboard

Switchboards are always 3-phase. Switchboards are either mounted on the floor or on the wall, which is why they are credited with versatility. Switchboards are designed in such a manner that they can be accessed from both the fore and the rear. Modular switchboards are popular among many industrial facilities. Why? Modular switchboards are a specific type of switchboards. They consist of individual chambers, and every chamber consists of switchboard modules. The configurations and designs of these chambers can be customized, modified, and removed – to suit your preferences. Switchboards have amp ratings ranging from 1200A to 5000A. Hence, they can be employed for both alternating and direct currents and serve a wide range of applications in both industrial and large-scale commercial sectors. Switchboards come in a big size and hence can contain big-sized breakers like insulated case circuit breakers.

A switchboard can be employed for residential purposes too because it contains several safety switches, circuit breakers, or fuses. All of the circuits that run through your home are connected to the electricity meter and can be monitored from this single point. Switchboards are configured to circuit out when there is a flaw in the home current.


What Can You Expect?

  • Same Day Shipping
  • 24/7 Real-Time Emergency Support
  • A Global Supplying Network
  • 1-Year Guaranteed Warranty

Spike Electric – Your Switchboard Expert

Are you on the hunt for a new power switchboard? We have an exclusive and unique selection of switchboard types. Our range of switchboards include the following:

  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Switchboards For Alternating Current
  • Switchboards For Electric Mains
  • Cubicle Design switchboards
  • Modular switchboards
  • And several more!

Are you looking for a new switchboard or a reconditioned one? Don’t worry. We will help you to find the ideal switchboard you have been looking for. We have a range of switchboards from the best manufacturers. We are just a call away!


Collaborate With Spike Electric

Get in touch with us to own an ideal switchboard for your facility. You can experience the following with Spike Electric:

1. A Professional Team Full Of Expertise And Experience

Our in-house team of technicians has brilliant expertise and experience in this field. They will closely monitor the custom design and development of switchboards- taking care of every minute detail. They will make sure that all your preferences and specifications are met accurately with skill. If you have a design in mind, then our experts will craft accordingly. Our experienced team of technicians is the best and will deliver the same to you.

2. Our Wide Selection Of Switchboards

Switchboards for industrial or commercial purposes- whatever may be the requirement and purpose, Spike Electric will deliver it to you. We take pride in providing our clients with a wide variety of switchboards. Be it for the use of smaller applications, or switchboards for large-scale industrial applications, or switchboards for a specific purpose and requirement, we will source it for you from the best manufacturers in the industry.

3. 24×7 Assistance And Emergency Support

Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to us. Hence, our work isn’t over after delivering you an ideal switchboard. We will be consistent and reliable with our partnership. The technicians at Spike Electric will continue to offer assistance and support for all technical and functionality issues. Our experienced in-house team will be a call away to provide real-time support as long as you are in ownership of the switchboard.

For information on our custom switchboard services, request a quote today.

Why Choose Spike Electric?

In addition to our custom-design services, prompt delivery, easy installation, and real-time emergency support, we also have a list of other services at your disposal which make us the ideal destination for all switchboard needs. Below are the additional services we offer.

Upgrade Or Retrofit

Does your industrial or manufacturing facility have old and aged switchboards lying around? Well, you don’t have to dispose of them yet. While we keep stock of a wide range of quality and high-standard industrial equipment, we also buy back unwanted switchboards from various facilities and units. So, if you have some unwanted switchboards lying around, do get in touch with our team of experts. Our technicians will have a look at your equipment, inspect the various components and will suggest a solution. This process of ours is aimed to save money for you and to save the environment too.

Guaranteed Warranty

We believe in being an ever supporting partner. Hence, our service doesn’t end with design and delivery. We ensure that every switchboard that we deliver is of exclusive and superior quality. Our firm quality standards and principles have helped us to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients. Hence, we offer a 1-year replacement warranty for all the electric products and solutions that we deliver. You can collaborate with Spike Electric with complete confidence because we deliver not just products, but reliability and performance too.

Our Range Of Products

We host a wide range of industrial equipment that will cater to all your specifications and needs. We have outlined the three categories of equipment that we host.

Our expert staff and technicians will always be able to deliver according to your individual preferences. We have a broad network of suppliers, which enable us to deliver several products and solutions. Tell us what you need and we will source it for you.

Yes. We provide reconditioned switchboards as well. We believe in delivering quality products and solutions that have reliability and longevity. Hence, our reconditioned switchboards and other equipment are thoroughly inspected and will offer services that are as good as new equipment. Also, our reconditioned equipment is affordable, because while quality is high, cost needn’t be.

With our large on-hand inventory of contactors, circuit breakers, relays, PLC, and other control products, we can help you upgrade the functionality of your control panel effectively. Replacing the old with the newsiest technology doesn’t always mean you have to completely tear out your existing panel along with the wire that has already been pulled. We can retrofit and engineer a new back panel for you with all of your components pre-wired. We will supply you with a full 3D CAD layout, a BOM of suggested upgraded components, along with wiring schematics showing you exactly how the upgrade will look. We will work with your contractor on technical questions to help ensure the old is taken out and the new replaced properly.

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