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Power distributions facilities and systems rely on safe and durable enclosures and equipment. Transmission systems and industrial units across the globe require the fast and safe transmission of power and the seamless delivery of evolving energy demands. Affordable and reliable means of power distribution are the meet of the hour. PDC Buildings or enclosures cater to all these requirements and provide a completely integrated and tested solution for the power distribution requirements for industrial units. 

Have you considered opting for a PDC building or enclosure in your industrial unit? If not, investigate the advantages that this piece of equipment brings to you. Read further to understand the specific and the benefits of using a PDC enclosure?

What is a PDC Enclosure?

PDC stands for Power Distribution Center. This piece of equipment is a prefabricated outdoor enclosure with a modular design that is used to house the auxiliary facilities and the switchgear equipment in the industrial unit. A PDC Building is often a skid-mounted enclosure. 

Spike Electric has the best collection of prefabricated PDC Buildings that is shipped with all pieces of essential equipment fully installed and interconnected. Rigorous testing is implemented to ensure the full functionality and operational efficiency of the PDC Building. The most important advantage of using a PDC Building is that it significantly reduces the lead time of the industry personnel as they don’t have to spend time on the preparation and installation of various systems and devices in the PDC Building. Since the enclosure is pre-assembled and prefabricated by the manufacturer, it is one of the easiest and hassle-free pieces of equipment to be used. Also, the personnel can focus more on preparing the project site.

The modular design of the PDC Building also ensures a significant reduction of ownership costs and installation expenses. And, it efficiently does its job- protects the electrical equipment from harsh external weather conditions. There are more advantages than the ones that have been mentioned. Read further to learn more.

The Advantages of Using A PDC Enclosure

All the advantages of using a PDC Enclosure are due to its modular design. Here are some of the most important aspects of the modular design of the PDC Building that makes it an excellent piece of equipment to use:

1. The Cost Advantage of the PDC Building

PDC Buildings or enclosures is a very cost-effective solution for safe and \efficient power distribution in outdoor environments. The cost of any enclosure or a piece of electric equipment depends upon various elements like the size, project site specifications, desired design, custom features, and design complexity. The cost varies as buyers choose from distinct options that range from basic to luxury. The cost also depends upon the region, materials required and used, and the amount of labour required. 

The modular design of the PDC Building calls for less labour and for less design complexity. Research states that a modular PDC enclosure reduces $87,500 compared to a site-built project. Hence, it is a very cost-effective option. 

2. The Time advantage of the PDC Building

A site-built project calls for a lot of time and labour. A modular PDC Building can save time 25-50% of the time it takes to complete an on-site construction. A skilled modular crew can work for the PDC building and since it takes only half the cost, the need for labour expenses will also be cut in half. 

Most of the PDC building manufacturing process takes place indoors and very less time will be needed for the on-site work. Hence, the PDC Building will begin operations as per schedule. The reliability and time dependency that a PDC Building brings to the table ensures that the entire industrial project finishes in time.

3. The Environmental Advantage of the PDC Building

This is an incredibly unique advantage of a PDC Building. It measures up to the environmental regulations of the country. Modular PDC Buildings have environmental benefits and one can decide the level of sophistication for the enclosure based on the specifications and preferences of the project. 

PDC Building modular design is developed from the repurposing of the materials that are often disposed of at landfills. Technology and transforming construction styles keep enhancing the architecture of the PDC Buildings, thereby making them more environment-friendly and excelling.

4. The Miscellaneous Advantages of PDC Building

PDC Buildings have a lot to bring to the table. Consider the following:

  • The reduced lead time of the industry personnel and the buyer: The lead time is reduced by 50% compared to on-site construction. And since most of the construction of the PDC Building takes place in the manufacturing unit of Spike Electric, you can easily manage lead times.
  • Customized Designs: PDC buildings can be easily integrated with customized designs and features to suit the specific preferences and demands of the project in question.
  • The best use of space: PDC Buildings do not take up a huge amount of space. Hence, they are the best choices for industrial projects and sites that are difficult to access or are remotely located. 

In a Nutshell

Considering all the advantages that have been outlined above, prefabricated and modular PDC buildings are excellent pieces of equipment. They ensure the complete safety of the equipment and efficiently protect them against various outdoor and external weather and environmental factors.

Spike Electric provides custom designing of the PDC enclosures that cater to the specific requirements of the project. The best industry experts will work on the development and delivery of the modular design of the PDC Building. Also, the PDC Buildings by Spike Electric comply with all the leading and essential industrial regulations and standards like International Building Code, Uniform Building Code, National Electric Code NEC, and National Fire Protection Association. 

Are you looking for a PDC Enclosure or building for your next industrial project? Do you want a customized design, tested and pre-assembled structure with hassle-free shipping? Then, you are at the right place. Spike Electric provides seamless manufacture and delivery of PDC buildings that have been customized as per your preferences. Get in touch with our team to know more. Ring us or reach out to us via mail today!


Written by: Cole Attaway

Cole Attaway is the founder and CEO of Spike Electric Controls. Spike's mission is to improve the accessibility and delivery of industrial electrical gear for clients nationwide. Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies.

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