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ABB Value N Spike LogoWe are thrilled to announce a landmark partnership that marks a significant milestone in the electrical industry. Spike Electric Controls has been evaluated and chosen by ABB, a global leader in control and power products, as the first medium voltage switchgear integrator authorized to apply ABB BUILT-IN TECHNOLOGY program recently released by ABB. This partnership is not just a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation but also to ABB’s trust in Spike Electric Controls to meet the rigorous standards required for their medium voltage solutions.


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Spike Electric announces landmark partnership with ABB

In addition, Spike Electrical joined the ABB Value Provider Program, by acquiring two domains of expertise in (1) Power Distribution and (2) Substation Automation. Check us out on ABB website

What This Means For You

Spike Electric Controls is now uniquely positioned to offer an enhanced portfolio of medium voltage products, including:

Power Safe Arc-Resistant Metal Clad Switchgear:

Enchancing safety and reliability in demanding applications.

— 26 – 50 Week Lead Time —

Master Break Load Interruptor Switches

Offering flexible and reliable control in your distribution network

— 20 Week Lead Time —

Safe Sync Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switch by Spike Electric

Safe Sync Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches 

Ensuring seamless transition and reliable power back-up solutions.

— 20 Week Lead Time —


PowerClad  Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switcher

Delivering Top-tier protection and control for infrastructure

— 24 – 30 Week Lead Time —

Ask us about other products we will also be offering:

  • Medium Voltage Motor Control: Providing superior performance for a wide range of applications. – 30 Week Lead Time
  • Custom Switchgear and Rush Medium Voltage solutions
  • Field Service & Start Up and Commissioning adding an additional 1-year warranty to any product we sell

Our partnership with ABB enables us to integrate ABB’s cutting-edge technology with our robust solutions, ensuring that our clients receive products that are not only high in quality but also backed by two industry-leading brands. The partnership with ABB signifies a new era of quality assurance and innovation in medium voltage solutions, offering unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and safety.


Enhanced Brand Perception and Confidence

This ABB labelling program of medium voltage products as a result of Spike Electric Controls being audited and vetted by ABB showcases a partnership based on trust, quality, and mutual standards of excellence. This unique endorsement not only elevates Spike Electric Controls’ brand but also reinforces ABB’s commitment to working with the best in the industry. Here’s how this collaboration benefits branding and builds confidence:


  • Mark of Excellence: The ABB BUILT-IN TECHNONOLOGY labeling serves as a seal of excellence, indicating that the products meet the stringent quality and performance standards set by ABB. For customers, this mark signifies reliability, safety, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Trust Through Transparency: The process of auditing and vetting by ABB, leading to this partnership, communicates transparency and diligence to the market. Knowing that Spike Electric Controls has undergone rigorous evaluation to earn this status builds trust among clients and partners.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Being the first company in the world authorized by ABB for ABB BUILT-IN TECHNOLOGY labeling of medium voltage products sets Spike Electric Controls apart in a crowded market. This differentiation is a powerful tool in marketing communications, highlighting Spike’s unique value proposition and technological leadership.
  • Confidence in Innovation: The collaboration between Spike Electric Controls and ABB signals to the industry that the products are not only backed by robust engineering and innovation but also by two leaders committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medium voltage solutions.
  • Reinforced Customer Assurance: For clients, the partnership means they are investing in solutions that are recognized globally for their excellence. This assurance can decisively influence purchasing decisions, preferring Spike’s ABB-endorsed products over competitors.
  • Global Brand Alignment: The partnership aligns Spike Electric Controls with ABB’s global brand, opening new markets and opportunities. This alignment enhances Spike’s reputation internationally, attracting attention from global clients who recognize and trust the ABB brand.

Why Spike Electric Controls?

Being chosen as ABB’s medium voltage switchgear integrator for dual branding highlights our unparalleled expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering excellence. This unique status reflects our deep-seated values in innovation, customer satisfaction, and technical expertise. With ABB’s trust and support, Spike Electric Controls is set to redefine the standards of medium voltage electrical solutions.

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