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Electrical Switchrack made by Spike Electric in Houston TX

In the realm of hazardous locations, safety and reliability are paramount, and Spike Electric Controls leads the charge with innovative switchrack design. These switchracks, essential inpetrochemical industries, are uniqueassemblies of electrical components designed for environments where traditional motor control centers (MCCs) are impractical. Their design aligns with rigorous industry standards, ensuring operational safety in explosive atmospheres—a critical factor in petrochemical facilities.

Switchracks from Spike Electric are not only safe but efficient. They facilitate easy maintenance and reliable operation, which is vital for uninterrupted power distribution in critical industrial processes. Recognizing the diverse needs of hazardous environments, Spike Electric’s switchracks are customizable, addressing specific challenges such as extreme weather and spatial constraints.

The ease of installation is another notable feature. Pre-built and factory-tested, these units significantly reduce on-site labor and associated costs. This streamlined process minimizes installation errors and saves time. Additionally, the switchracks’ adaptability is key. Designed with future expansions in mind, they can be modified and upgraded without extensive overhauls, evolving with the facility’s needs.

As industries evolve, Spike Electric Controls’ switchracks stand ready to meet the challenges of hazardous location power distribution, embodying innovation in engineering focused on safety, efficiency, and adaptability.

Innovative Design for Hazardous Locations

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Spike Electric’s switchracks are engineered to comply with rigorous industry standards. They ensure operational safety in explosive atmospheres, crucial in petrochemical facilities. The switchracks are designed to minimize risks and enhance safety.

Efficiency and Reliability

These switchracks are not just safe but also efficient. Their design allows for easy maintenance and reliable operation, ensuring uninterrupted power distribution in critical industrial processes.

Customizable Solutions

Acknowledging the diverse needs of hazardous environments, Spike Electric offers customizable switchracks. These tailored solutions can address specific challenges unique to each location, from extreme weather conditions to unique spatial constraints.

Revolutionizing Petrochemical Power Distribution: Spike Electric’s Switchracks vs. Traditional Solutions

The petrochemical industry, with its hazardous environments and high power demands, necessitates reliable and safe electrical solutions. Spike Electric Controls has introduced innovative switchracks, offering a compelling alternative to traditional motor control centers and substations. These switchracks are more cost-effective due to their prefabricated nature, reducing on-site labor costs and simplifying installations.

Traditional substations and motor control centers can be cumbersome to install, but Spike Electric’s switchracks, delivered as a single unit, simplify this process. They also address maintenance challenges in hazardous environments with their modular design, allowing for easier component access. Their explosion-proof design and robust construction enhance reliability and lifespan, making them ideal for the petrochemical industry. These innovative solutions are key to enhancing safety and efficiency as the industry evolves.

Enhancing Safety and Operational Efficiency in Hazardous Areas with Spike Electric Switchracks

In hazardous locations, particularly in the petrochemical industry, Spike Electric Controls’ switchracks meet the dual demands of safety and efficiency. These switchracks are designed with a focus on safety, especially in explosive atmospheres. Their pre-built and factory-tested nature simplifies the installation process, reducing associated costs and time.

Maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous locations is often challenging, but Spike Electric’s switchracks ease this with their accessible design. They offer significant benefits in terms of lifecycle costs due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency. Their adaptability for future needs is also a key advantage, making them a future-proof solution for evolving industrial needs.

In conclusion, Spike Electric Controls’ switchracks are significant advancements in ensuring safety and efficiency in hazardous locations. Their innovative design, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness make them a superior choice for petrochemical facilities.

Increased Safety of using Spike Electric Controls as a Hazardous Location Switchrack Manufacturer using Eaton Crouse Hinds Componets

  1. Reduced Installation Risks: Pre-assembled and factory-tested switchracks minimize the need for extensive on-site assembly, thereby reducing installation risks.
  2. Enhanced Protection in Hazardous Environments: These switchracks are designed for use in hazardous locations, providing robust protection against potential risks associated with explosive atmospheres.
  3. Safety Compliance: The design and construction of the switchracks adhere to stringent safety standards, ensuring compliance with regulations for hazardous locations.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: The modular design simplifies maintenance processes, enhancing safety by reducing the need for frequent and complex interventions.
  5. Durability and Reliability: Their robust construction ensures long-term durability and reliability, which is crucial for maintaining safety in hazardous operational environments.
  6. Robust Construction for Shipping: Designed to endure the rigors of transportation to the job site, ensuring integrity upon arrival.
  7. Customer-Centric Design Benefits: Incorporates reduced project lead time, minimal environmental impact, and reduced substation site size.
  8. Enhanced Environmental Adaptability: The switchrack’s design minimizes environmental impact in hazardous locations.
  9. Cost Savings: Demonstrates significant cost reductions compared to traditional substations, with added savings from reduced land requirements.
  10. Future Expansion Readiness: Built for easy expansion, accommodating additional loads with minimal infrastructure.
  11. Disaster Resilience: Separate, physically distanced switchracks offer robust disaster resistance.
  12. Simplified Purchase and Erection Process: Streamlines the engineering and supervision process for modern power, control, or instrumentation additions.
  13. Effective Site Management: Addresses lighting, handrails, equipment placement, walking hazards, and overhead protection for enhanced safety.
  14. Strategic Protection Against Electrical Hazards: Incorporates fast fault-clearing times to limit incident energy exposure.
  15. Operational Safety and Maintenance: Details practices for safeguarding the switchrack, including cleaning, lubrication, and corrosion management.


In conclusion, the distinction of Spike Electric Controls as the only Certified Assembly Partner (CAP) for Eaton in North America is a significant endorsement of their expertise and reliability in manufacturing Explosion Proof Switchracks. This exclusive partnership underscores the importance of choosing a manufacturer that not only adheres to stringent safety and quality standards but also has the backing of a globally recognized leader in electrical solutions. The integration of Eaton Crouse Hinds UL listed hazardous location products and enclosures ensures that every switchrack from Spike Electric Controls meets the highest safety standards. This, coupled with their ISO 9001 certification, controlled environment manufacturing, comprehensive testing procedures, and standardized production processes, guarantees unparalleled safety and quality in every product. For industries operating in hazardous environments, this partnership offers an assurance of safety, reliability, and innovation, making Spike Electric Controls a premier choice for Explosion Proof Switchrack solutions.

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