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Fused Disconnect by Spike ElectricChoosing quality electrical equipment is a very important step towards ensuring the protection and safety of everything within your industrial facility- your appliances, business assets, industrial operators and personnel, and clients. When it comes to choosing equipment like circuit breakers, safety switches, or fused disconnect switches, are you aware of the available options? Many find it daunting to decide on a fixed disconnect switch, because there is a lot of confusion about its applications. Do you want to know more about the applications, purpose, and advantages of a fused disconnect switch? Then keep reading this blog crafted by the experts in Spike Electric.

Spike Electric has been serving several commercial and industrial clients with dedication and commitment. We have decades of experience and expertise on our side, and we have always prioritized educating and informing our clients about several industrial products, their purposes, and applications.

Have you been searching for electrical safety equipment for your industrial or commercial space? Do you want fused disconnects of superior quality that will best suit your industrial or business requirements? We have an amazing collection of project guides with us. Feel free to refer them or, just reach out to us online to get your queries answered.

What Are Fused Disconnect Switches?

To state in simple terms, a fused disconnect switch is nothing but a safety disconnect switch that is fitted with a fuse. What purpose does this safety switch serve? In an event of an overload or short, a fused disconnect switch opens a circuit and disengages or releases the power quickly and conclusively.

Fused disconnect switches can also detect potential electric problems or malfunctions and take prompt action. How? Let’s say the fuse has blown, then the fused disconnect makes sure that the equipment is switched off automatically. After the issue has been completely resolved, the power is restored and the fuses are replaced.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fused Disconnect Switch?

Since the fuses have to be completely replaced, recovery of power will be time-consuming. For some industrial facilities or commercial spaces, the cost versus time factor is very significant. Such facilities employ a switchable disconnect instead of a fused disconnect.

However, according to the regulations by the NEC code, using a fused disconnect is important. Besides, there are several unique advantages of doing so. Consider the following:

1. Monitoring Of Higher Loads

Fused disconnect switches are frequently employed in systems and operations that carry an exceptionally high load. Large-scale and heavy-duty equipment are prime examples of such systems. A fused disconnect has another advantageous features. They naturally consist of a high AIC or “Amps Interrupting Capacity.” Hence, when these switches are utilized for systems that carry heavy loads, the fused disconnect can accurately monitor great draws of power and ensure an incredible failsafe.

2. Safest Option Available

In an event of a flaw or a slight disturbance in the electrical system, the fused disconnect will immediately detect the issue. The fuse breaks the circuit if a fault in an appliance causes too much current to flow, opening the circuit and switching off the power supply to the system that is under its control. The fuse contains a piece of wire that melts easily when too much current passes through it. If the current going through the fuse is too great, the wire heats up until it melts and breaks the circuit. There will not be even the slightest of a delay while taking this action. Fused disconnect switches offer you absolute safety. Hence, these switches are a desirable and incredible option for facilities and spaces that have to carry potential risks while carrying out their operations.

3. Compliance With NEC Requirements

The major advantage of fused disconnects is that they follow certain specifications under the NEC code. Frequently, electrical systems require a fuse. They can be integrated into the electric system in several ways. Among all of them, the addition of a fused disconnect is a cost-effective and simple method that meets industry regulations too.

Spike Electric Solutions For Safety Equipment And Fused Disconnects

Are you in search of fused disconnects, breakers, control systems or other industrial equipment and products for your facility or plant? Spike Electric has an excellent team of technicians on board who will be delighted to assist you and engineer custom disconnect solutions.

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