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motor control by spike electric

When a motor starts (see our explosion proof motor starters), a significant amount of electricity is generated. So, when there is so much power involved, you must have a backup plan in hand to ensure safety and the prevention of damage to the equipment and appliances.

How does a motor starter help in ensuring the safety of a motor?

A motor starter has a contactor portion which quickly closes the contacts on all phases of the electrical current. This helps to minimize the potentially dangerous and harmful consequences in case an overload happens. Motor starters are available in sizes that fit the specifics of respective motors and the voltage of your application. Having only a circuit breaker for protection increases the risk of burning up the motor if there is an overload.

How Do Motor Starters Work?

Two devices are present in a motor starter. One is a contactor that connects the circuit to the motor and the second is an overload relay that watches out and controls the current being drawn by the motor. The overload relay or the overload protection device is tuned to stick with the pre-determined maximum load which can be safely dealt with by the motor. If there is a situation in which the motor starts crossing the maximum load, the device immediately sets off the motor starter control circuit and then the motor is turned off. A circuit breaker may not trip as quickly as an overload on the starter, having this extra protection increases the life span of the motor. It is much more cost effective to replace a burned-up overload relay than it is a motor.

Types of Motor Starters

Spike Electric provides a wide range of motor starters of all types:

1. Wye-delta open transmission motor starters

These motor starters utilize a standard electromagnetic starter system. They are designed in such a way that they safely reduce the voltage during the operation of integral and crucial commercial equipment. The design and functionality of these motor starters perfectly fit the needs and operation of air compressors and pumps.

2. Wye-delta starter OEM

This motor starter comes along with a sub-panel mounting system. Their design also consists of a starter wye-delta timer system and 120-volt coils. This design aids in the control of systems which do not integrate timer functions in the beginning.

3. Soft-start solid state

These are motor starters that are mainly used for high-scale integral commercial equipment. A soft start motor starter is also referred to as an RVS or Reduced Voltage Starter. This strategy operates by employing fluid, steel shots, or magnetic forces. Why? Such operation helps to effectively handle start-up current and also manage the torque. These Soft-Start Motor Starters are frequently used in heavy-duty applications like generator use, conveyor systems, and other regular-purpose functions. Soft starters available through Spike Electric include a collection of Overload Relay, SCRs, and By-Pass Contactor.

Order Your Motor Starter with Spike Electric

Our exclusive collection of motor starters will efficiently satisfy all your electrical requirements. All of our electrical products comply with the recognized industry standards, have certifications, and have been tested for maximum performance. If you collaborate With Spike Electric you will be getting the following:

  • Auto CAD Layout Drawings
  • Auto CAD Electrical Schematics
  • Expert 3D Modeling and Design
  • PLC Programming and Development
  • Equipment Compliant with the UL508A and cUL508A Regulations

Spike Electric has vast industry experience and has served a wide array of clients for a prolonged period. We have been offering reliable electrical solutions for several industrial and commercial spaces. If you want to invest in a motor starter, reach out to Spike Electric today! We will clarify all your queries and will help you purchase the perfect motor starter for your application.

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