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switchgear buildingIndustrial and manufacturing plants have tons of electrical equipment. However, there is critical and crucial electric equipment that must be protected to ensure that it remains durable and to eliminate the potential risks and dangers.

Enclosures or buildings are often used to protect a diverse range of electrical equipment. These enclosures also ensure that the piece of electric equipment being protected stays at an optimum temperature. A lot of electrical equipment produces a lot of heat, which, when unabsorbed, may produce elevated temperatures. This will ultimately result in an electrical malfunction that will threaten the safety of the industry personnel and the equipment.

Among crucial electrical equipment in an industrial plant, switchgear is the foremost. Switchgear is the term that is normally used to refer to a wide range of switching devices. These devices have a common function- to control and protect. And isolate the power distribution systems in an industrial plant. Often, switchgear is composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, and circuit breakers.

A switchgear building is a protective enclosure that is used to safeguard a high voltage power system from overload. A switchgear building is a prefabricated enclosure that is often installed outside a project or industrial facility for safety concerns. A switchgear building design is best to shield switchgear equipment from extreme weather conditions and potential theft.

What are the applications of a switchgear building? It is often utilized by industries for projects that have power-generating utilities and have high voltage electrical equipment? However, many from the industrial sector have second thoughts about using switchgear enclosures. Hence, the experts at Spike Electric have outlined the top 3 benefits of using a switchgear building. Read on to learn more.

1. Equipment Safety

Switchgear involves a lot of crucial power distribution systems and pieces of electrical equipment. Often, these pieces of equipment generate a lot of heat. If this heat isn’t removed or remains unabsorbed, it can result in a lot of damage. Insulation damage, failure of critical components, and even failure of the entire power distribution system are the potential risks involved if the switchgear isn’t adequately protected.

That’s where a switchgear building comes into the picture. A switchgear building or a switchgear enclosure provides two-fold protection. It safeguards the switchgear equipment from external environmental factors and protects it from internal heat.

Building electric service switchgear building is the job of an expert and we have the best among them at Spike Electric. Control the dissipated heat of switchgear equipment and increase its life span by using premium quality switchgear building by Spike Electric. Find a solid switchgear building design for yourself and enjoy several benefits such as decreased downtime for business, less maintenance routines, and enhanced productivity and operations.

2. Employee Safety

The lack of a switchgear building or a switchgear enclosure can also put the industry personnel and staff at risk. Although, in most cases, switchgear equipment is located outside the facility, it can still pose a threat to the employees if not safeguarded with a switchgear enclosure.

Uncontrolled heat can cause the surroundings warmer than average. This can result in great discomfort. Extended periods of work in such heated environments can threaten the health conditions of the industry personnel causing dehydration, headaches, cramps, rashes, heatstroke, and death in rare cases. Without a switchgear building or a switchgear enclosure, employees are easily exposed to heat from the electrical equipment and might also be the victims of a malfunction in the switchgear system. A switchgear building is not just a protective enclosure for switchgear equipment but is also a protective gear for the employees.

3. Reduces Potential Risk of Fire

Heated electrical equipment can turn into explosions or fires easily. Damage to insulation can also result in short-circuiting and fires. Some switchgear systems might provide function in places that have flammable materials, gases, and vapours. If the temperature near them gets too high, then there are high chances of auto-ignition. What can help eliminate the risk of such occurrences? A switchgear building ensures that there is a controlled environment. The switchgear building design helps in preventing harmful scenarios from happening. That’s the reason switchgear and power equipment should be safeguarded utilizing an electrical enclosure. Also, a switchgear building will help contain any of the above situations if they were to occur. This will give you enough time to evacuate the industry personnel to safety.

Spike Electric- The Perfect Place for a switchgear building

If you are an industrial business owner or someone who works for an industrial plan, are you in search of the right switchgear building? Them Spike Electric is the best place for you to get one.

Spike Electric provides prefabricated switchgear building that ensures the safety of the switchgear equipment and of the entire industrial pant. Switchgear equipment might not seem dangerous, but accidents can easily occur if left uncontrolled. Investing in superior quality switchgear buildings will prevent the most dangerous and harmful situations. Spike Electric will customize an ideal switchgear building design to suit your project or plant needs perfectly. Invest in your safety today!

Reach out to us soon and we will help you in obtaining the best switchgear building for yourself.


Written by: Cole Attaway

Cole Attaway is the founder and CEO of Spike Electric Controls. Spike's mission is to improve the accessibility and delivery of industrial electrical gear for clients nationwide. Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies.

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