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switchgear building by spike electricA PDC building is a prefabricated enclosure that is built to host switchgear equipment and electrical devices for outdoor purposes. PDC buildings are often custom-engineered to suit the project needs of the client. Every industrial project has specific needs and the PDC Building can be manufactured to perfectly blend with them.

PDC buildings provide excellent protection to the important electrical equipment from external harsh weather and environmental conditions. Moreover, they are considered to be cost-effective and time-saving pieces of equipment because of their prefabricated modular design. They effectively reduce the lead time of the industrial project and reduce the requirement for more industrial labour.

Spike Electric uses the best-in-class, ultramodern electrical equipment and systems to ensure that the PDC Building is manufactured perfectly. We also test the enclosure for full functionality and ensure that it is free from all physical and technical glitches. Integration and testing are done at the same facility to ensure complete turnkey solutions for all our clients. We have the best design experts on board with us who ensure that structural and electrical facets of the design are not compromised. We provide the most valuable offer to our clients for PDC Buildings.

However, have you considered how the modular prefabricated design of the PDC Building helps enhances the efficiency of the product? This blog will discuss that. Keep reading to know more.

The PDC Building Design

Though the PDC building is customized to suit the requirements of the client, some common features of the design add to the excellent operations and functionality of the enclosure.

Often, two different building assemblies are incorporated while designing a PDC Building- an interlocked panel building or a containerized building. The building assembly type will be decided based on the application that the enclosure is intended for.

If the interlocked panel building assembly is used, the outside walls are interlocked and gasketed. Also, the roof is welded and capped. The combination of both the walls and the roof provides incredible protection against the atmosphere and external weather conditions.

The interiors are given a very appealing design and appearance. The interiors have a unique tab and slot pattern. This pattern eliminates the need for screws and rivets. The resulting appearance of the interior of the enclosure is very defined and neat.

What is the advantage of using the interlocked panel assembly over a containerized assembly? The former can be custom-built to suit any size of the enclosure. The latter has size limitations- they can be built from 20-40 inches like standard cube containers.

How Does The Design Add To The Efficiency Of The PDC Building?

1. The Design Provides Excellent Efficiency

The operational efficiency complements the environmental excellence of the PDC Building. It also makes its operations time-saving and reduces a lot of expenses as a result.
The modular design of the PDC Building is based on a wide range of principles. The most crucial of them include insulating the entire building or enclosure, ensuring an airtight envelope, windows that are highly efficient and have 3 panels, using the sun’s energy for drawing heat, and having a heat and moisture recovery system to reduce the conditioning requirements.

The modular architecture of the PDC Building reduces the reliance on renewable energy resources, thereby making the enclosure more efficient. The manufacturing process of the PDC Building requires very less raw materials and produces less waste- all of which add to the increased efficiency of the enclosure.

Evolving technology enhances the design of the PDC Building, and one can be sure that the modular design will be the most sought out design structure in the future. Solar technology, incredible windows, and the availability of a lot of conservation techniques- all point to the operational efficiency of the PDC Building due to the modular design.

2. The modular design also enhances the flexibility of the enclosure

The modular design of the PDC Building also provides superior flexibility to the enclosure. It adapts to custom preferences- both small and big. The client can choose from a wide range of materials, layouts, and design configurations to ensure full functionality and operational efficiency for the project. You can also choose whether you will require a stand-alone structure or an enclosure that has multiple modular units.

Depending upon the application that it is intended for use, the PDC Building can be customized extensively. The interior of the enclosure can be integrated with several features like Ethernet, telephone, and wiring systems for the electrical appliances or devices. The exterior can consist of all the ports or infrastructure to connect to the power source.

Based on time, money, space, project demands, quality, and other factors- the PDC building can be customized. All credit goes for the immense flexibility that the modular design provides.

3. The efficient design and operation make the PDC Building a versatile piece of equipment

The PDC building can be used for a wide array of applications. The cost and time advantage of the enclosure makes it meet tight time schedules. The operational efficiency of the enclosure makes it an excellent sustainable choice for industrial projects that want to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Therefore, it can be used for several applications like:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Emergency and Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power and Energy
  • Military
  • Science Laboratories
  • Retail
  • Food and Hospitality
  • And many more!
  • Get the best PDC Buildings at Spike Electric

With years of experience in the electric and industrial sector, Spike Electric has served the industrial and electrical requirements of clients across the country. Do you want to purchase a PDC Building for your next industrial project? Then, Spike Electric is the perfect destination for you. We have the best industry experts with us who will design the perfect PDC building for you- one that suits all your industrial project requirements.

Our modular solutions are the most affordable and efficient, and we will ensure the prompt delivery of the PDC Building to ensure that your project runs as per schedule. Get in touch with our team to know more.


Written by: Cole Attaway

Cole Attaway is the founder and CEO of Spike Electric Controls. Spike's mission is to improve the accessibility and delivery of industrial electrical gear for clients nationwide. Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies.

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