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Power Distribution Units are the perfect solution for improving efficiency and uptime for data centers. They are helpful to manage and distribute power to the server, networks and computer equipment, especially in data centers.

The Power Distribution Units available in the market come with different features and specifications and they are not always capable of fulfilling needs for a specific purpose. This is where you need custom PDUs to provide you with the perfect solution to fulfill your needs. Spike Electric collaborates closely with the customers to understand their specific needs and design a custom PDU to meet their particular needs.

A Perfect Solution to Meet Your Unique Needs

Using standard products can limit your operations. However, you may buy a product that does offer the required features or offer the functions that you may need for your application.

A custom PDU will be designed according to your specific needs. With the help of a custom PDU, you will be able to have complete control over the internal and external specifications of your unit such as:

  • Enclosure Type in Door Nema 1 Out Door Nema 3R or Stainless Steel Nema 4x
  • Circuit Breakers or Fused Protection
  • Remote Control & Monitoring Options
  • Input/output Voltage Types
  • LCD Meter Display
  • Connector Type and Quality
  • Other Additional Features

Get High-Quality Power

All of your security, computer, communication and other electronic devices need stable and clean power for operating reliably and optimally. Any distortion in the input signal can result in incorrect functionality, poor performance or damage to your equipment. The best solution to avoid these issues is by using a custom PDU having the right specifications for your equipment such as:

  • Suppressing noise to provide a clean power output by using EMI/RFI filtering.
  • Protection against electric spikes with the help of surge suppression and MOV modules.

Save Space with the Help of Power Sources Consolidation

Consolidating your power sources into a single PDU can be helpful for you in spacing your office or site. There will be no need to install multiple PDUs. This approach is also beneficial for control, cable management and monitoring.

You can achieve power consolidation by incorporating the following features into your custom PDU:

  • Voltage conversion to step up or down the required voltage through a digital double conversion or transformer.
  • Main power supply switching from AC to DC to empower DC loads with the help of an AC source.
  • Combined UPS system to backup and control shutdowns.

Management and Monitoring Made Easy

Getting accurate and instant data regarding your PDU is essential to detect potential problems and solve them before damage to your valuable equipment.

By using a custom PDU, you will be able to get many features and specifications that help to monitor and manage your power distribution system quickly such as:

  • Communication port to provide remote monitoring service and remote control.
  • Easy to understand LCD meters for current, voltage and temperatures data.
  • Remote control controller board that works as a web server for internal software hosting.

Why Choose Us?

At Spike Electric, we have a professional team of experienced engineers who are specialized in creating highly reliable PDUs that offer great features and elegant designs. These PDUs will provide you with several advantages that you will not get anywhere else, including but not limited to:

  • Matching components to provide reliability, efficiency, and overall quality.
  • An efficient design process that helps to reduces overall manufacturing time.
  • Complete testing and certification to ensure the highest standards and demanding regulatory needs.
  • Closely collaborating with the customers to meet their specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Written by: Cole Attaway

Cole Attaway is the founder and CEO of Spike Electric Controls. Spike's mission is to improve the accessibility and delivery of industrial electrical gear for clients nationwide. Spike solutions result in reduced unplanned downtime, less overtime, and greater operational efficiencies.

The highest quality at the quickest speed.

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