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automatic transfer switchA power outage is something that every facility dreads. A power outage can severely affect the productivity of your industrial facility. It can lead to damage to electrical equipment, financial stress, anxiety, and even injuries as your facility will be confined to darkness.

What can you do to avoid power outages or minimize the damage caused by them? A simple solution is to install a backup generator. However, deciding on whether an automatic transfer switch should be employed or not can be a wee bit challenging. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned solutions.

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The Advantages of Installing an Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic transfer switches are designed to help your industrial facility during a power outage. How? In an event of a power outage, an automatic transfer switch disconnects the facility from the utility grid and then connects it to a generator. The generator will provide backup power to your facility with fewer disruptions. This will help your facility to continue its operations during a power blackout and at the same time will protect industry personnel from the dangerous consequences of back-feeding the utility grid using the generator’s power. An automatic transfer switch can function without human intervention and operation. Some models of automatic transfer switches are designed to function quickly and hence offer prompt switching so that crucial equipment like data servers or medical devices can operate with zero interruptions.

We have curated some advantages of setting up an automatic transfer switch for your industrial facility. Read on to know them.

Automatic Operation

These transfer switches are automated. Hence, in the event of a blackout, you need not hunt for flashlights to manually start the transfer switch. The entire process is automated and the transition from utility power to backup power happens in a matter of seconds. Your operations and productivity will not at all be affected.

Zero Accessibility Problems

Manual operations of transfer switches will be time consuming because generators and transfer switches are located in areas of a facility that are not easily accessible, especially during a blackout. Employing a manual transfer switch means that your facility and personnel will be left in the dark for a long time, whereas an automatic transfer switch will save your time.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Since the facility and personnel will be in the dark only for a short time, there will be a reduced risk of accidents or serious injuries. The safety quotient will be upheld even during a blackout if you get an automated transfer switch installed.

Ensure Uninterrupted Supply

Several industrial facilities and commercial spaces consist of equipment that requires constant, uninterrupted power. For example, devices like data servers, communications systems, medical equipment or other life-saving devices need a continuous power supply. An automatic transfer switch will ensure that such devices receive a continuous inflow of power even in case of a power outage.

Some Disadvantages of Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches come in designs and models that are more complex than manual transfer switch models. What does that mean? Automatic transfer switches require regular maintenance, repairs and servicing. These switches are expensive compared to the manual transfer switches. Additionally, there are rare instances of automatic transfer switches being unnecessarily triggered by circumstances like momentary brownouts or surges.

Installation. Regular servicing by a trained and skilled professional will help you to overcome technical concerns regarding an automatic transfer switch. The additional features that these switches offer make their price worthy. With an automatic transfer switch, you can enhance the overall safety of your industrial or commercial plant and also ensure significant protection to your plant personnel during a power outage.

Design Custom Automatic Transfer Switches

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Written by: Cole Attaway

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